Watch: Apink’s Yoon Bomi Reveals 1st Sneak Peek Of CHOBOM’s Unit Debut Track “Copycat” On “Knowing Bros”

Apink’s Yoon Bomi shared a glimpse of her and Chorong‘s upcoming unit debut track on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” (“Ask Us Anything”)!

The two Apink members are currently gearing up to make their debut as the group’s first-ever unit CHOBOM on July 12, when they will be releasing their first single album “Copycat.”

On the July 9 episode of “Knowing Bros,” Bomi appeared as a guest alongside Ji Hyun Woo and Young Tak—and as a special treat for viewers, she performed a brief snippet of CHOBOM’s upcoming song.

Before her performance, Bomi explained, “From a long time ago, Chorong and I have often heard that we look like twins. So we’ll be making our unit debut with the concept of twin dolls.” She also added later on that the choreography had a “cat concept,” in keeping with the title of the song.

As she prepared to dance to the chorus, Bomi remarked, “It’s confusing without Chorong here,” and Young Tak sympathetically asked, “you’re doing a performance that’s meant for two on your own?” Bomi replied, “Yes, my twin is supposed to be here next to me.” Kang Ho Dong supportively piped up, “Let’s imagine that [Chorong] is there.”

Check out CHOBOM’s teasers for their unit debut here, and watch Bomi’s solo performance of their upcoming song “Copycat” below!

Later on in the show, Bomi also got the cast dancing along with a fun cover of Young Tak’s hit trot song “Why Are You Coming Out From There.”

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