Young Sheldon Season 6’s Big Bang Theory Tease Hints At A Mary Change

The latest Young Sheldon season 6 tease has ties to The Big Bang Theory and suggests a significant change for Mary. CBS’ premier comedy is currently on hiatus, but work on its upcoming season will begin shortly. The cast is already preparing for what lies ahead, including young Sheldon actor himself, Iain Armitage, who is revisiting The Big Bang Theory for some research.,It was an eventful Young Sheldon season 5 for the Coopers. After starting the year with a potential affair between George (Lance Barber) and Brenda (Melissa Peterman), things progressively became more complicated for the family. Georgie (Montana Jordan) suffered the consequences of his actions when her girlfriend accidentally got pregnant. Like her husband, Mary (Zoe Perry) almost started her own affair with youth pastor Rob (Dan Byrd); she also lost her job after the congregation shunned her and the Coopers away because of Georgie’s pre-marital pregnancy. Towards the end of Young Sheldon season 5, Mary was clearly under a lot of stress, causing her to have an emotional breakdown. She seemed to have bounced back from her setbacks after nabbing a new job at the local bowling center, however.,Related: Young Sheldon: George Death Update Makes Big Bang Theory Plot Holes Worse,All the hardships that her family has seen in Young Sheldon season 5 might instigate some internal change for Mary. In a new social media post by Armitage, the actor noted that he’s been watching The Big Bang Theory episode “The Rhinitis Revelation” as part of his research for Young Sheldon season 6. During this outing, Mary made a pitstop in Pasadena before boarding her Christian cruise. While Sheldon was excited to see her mom, he became increasingly frustrated with her when she didn’t cater to his every need, opting to spend time relaxing with his friends instead. Currently in Young Sheldon, Mary remains devoted to the boy genius, but that may be changing as she begins to establish some stronger boundaries when dealing with him. The family’s current predicament may force her to shift some of the attention she gives to Sheldon towards other things. Aside from Mary’s new job with Brenda in Young Sheldon, Georgie will be needing more help from her and George as he navigates the world as a young father, which could take up a lot of the Cooper matriarch’s time. ,This would be a great way to shake things up in the Cooper household. As Sheldon grows, he also starts to have other relationships outside of his immediate family. Surprisingly, he even found a friend group at East Texas Tech, something that surprised Paige (McKenna Grace) in Young Sheldon‘s 100th episode. Between that and his bond with his mentors, it makes sense that he becomes more independent. The Big Bang Theory spin-off previously touched on this subject when Sheldon broke his arm while learning how to confidently ride a bike. He learned his lesson to be self-reliant at the end of the episode, but it isn’t something that really stuck with him as the CBS comedy progressed. In Young Sheldon season 5, his and Mary’s dynamic continued.,The Coopers’ current situation offers the network a good reason to explore other possibilities when tackling Sheldon and his mom’s relationship. In any case, Young Sheldon can ultimately revert the pair’s dynamic before it reaches The Big Bang Theory‘s timeline. Perhaps Mary will begin to take a stricter stance with Sheldon, but the inevitable death of George brings back her tendency to cater to Sheldon’s every whim in an effort to hold onto him. This way, the prequel doesn’t break continuity but can also benefit from taking a great storytelling opportunity.,More: Mayim Bialik’s Insult Comments Prove Big Bang Theory’s Worst Amy Crime