The Boys Season 3 Finale Trailer: Black Noir’s Ready To Kill Soldier Boy

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys season 3,A new trailer for The Boys’ season 3 finale, “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” sees Black Noir prepare to kill Soldier Boy. The third season of Prime Video’s hit series introduced new supes through the team Payback and its leader, Soldier Boy. While initially thought to have died heroically in Nicaragua, Billy Butcher and his titular crew found Soldier Boy alive in Russia, where he’d been experimented on for decades. With the help of Butcher and Hughie Campbell, Soldier Boy has been hunting Payback’s ex-members—including Black Noir—for betraying him in 1984.,The Boys season 3 revealed Vought CEO Stan Edgar suggested Noir hand Soldier Boy over to the Russians and replace him with Homelander. After cutting out his tracker and going off the grid, episode 7 saw Noir take refuge in an abandoned Buster Beaver’s pizza restaurant, where a plethora of Noir’s animated, imaginary friends remind him how they got him “through that erection in seventh grade” and “by golly” they’ll get him through this too. Noir’s animated backstory in The Boys explained his contentious relationship with Soldier Boy and the battle that left him disfigured and unable to speak. Now, thanks to a pep talk from Buster and company, Noir appears prepared to face his fears in The Boys finale.,Related: The Deep’s Disgusting Herogasm Scene Somehow Got Even Worse,In a new trailer from The Boys promoting season 3’s final episode, “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” Noir prepares for the showdown with Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie. The trailer footage shows Homelander telling Noir that he can sharpen his sword for 1,000 hours, but it still won’t cut Soldier Boy’s skin. In addition to hinting at a confrontation between Noir and Soldier Boy, the promo teases another fight between Butcher and Homelander. Check it out below:,Click Here to View the Original Post,Following Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie’s fight with Homelander in “Herogasm,” The Boys season 3’s penultimate episode revealed that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father. In the wake of this twist, it remains to be seen if Soldier Boy will keep his promise to the boys and help them kill Homelander. On top of that, Homelander’s insecurities and desire to be loved might prevent him from further antagonizing his father. The only thing audiences know for sure is that Noir wants Soldier Boy dead, and he is preparing for the fight to come.,The Boys promo shows Noir back at Vought Tower, which means he took Buster Beaver’s advice and intends to finish what he started in 1984. Showrunner Eric Kripke has compared filming The Boys‘ season 3 finale to “Herogasm,” which featured an orgy and the series’ most exciting battle yet. The finale’s battle is poised to be even more ambitious, reshaping the series heading into season 4, with Soldier Boy’s Compound-V-canceling ability and the now-lethal V-24 in play. Not everyone will make it out of The Boys season 3 alive when “The Instant White-Hot Wild” debuts, and a surprising number of fans might be rooting for Noir.,More: The Boys Already Explained How Butcher & Hughie Can Keep Their Powers,The Boys season 3 concludes this Friday on Prime Video.,Source: The Boys/Twitter