Watch: BTS’s V Surprises J-Hope On Set Of His “MORE” MV + Films An Impromptu Cameo

BTS’s J-Hope has shared a fun glimpse behind the scenes of his new solo music video!

On July 6, J-Hope released a music video shoot sketch for “MORE,” his pre-release track off his upcoming solo album “Jack In The Box.”

The behind-the-scenes clip begins with J-Hope expressing his excitement as he prepares to film various scenes from his music video. He also describes the concept behind the video and its set, explaining, “Today, I had different scenes to film in each of these different rooms. One of the reasons there are so many rooms is because the song is called ‘MORE,’ so I wanted to show ‘more’ different spaces [in the video], and those spaces hold many different meanings. So we put a lot of work into creating and expressing those rooms, and within each room, I think I paid a lot of attention to bringing more energy and making each space more conceptual.”

“If you look at the big picture, all of these rooms are formatted within a box,” he continued. “The [cardboard] box we filmed earlier: all of these rooms are inside that box. And you’ll be able to see the structure of the rooms at the end of the music video.”

On the second day of filming, V surprises J-Hope by paying him an unexpected visit on set with a gift of delicious waffles. When J-Hope finds out that V is there to see him, he can’t hide his joy as he proudly introduces him as his bandmate to the other people on set.

Later on, during the “mannequin challenge” scene, V spontaneously offers to be one of the mannequins in the scene as an unplanned cameo. After excitedly accepting his offer, J-Hope suddenly worries about the fact that V isn’t wearing any makeup, asking, “Will you be okay? I think you’ll have to take off your mask.” However, V delights J-Hope by cheerfully replying, “I’ll just do it barefaced!”

After watching the take, the two BTS members crack up as J-Hope observes, “I think our fans will notice right away [that it’s you]. I really think they’ll know right away!”

Did you spot V’s cameo in J-Hope’s music video for “MORE”?

Check out J-Hope’s full behind-the-scenes video with English subtitles below!