Protesters break into Sri Lanka PM’s office

Thousands of anti-government protesters stormed into Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office Wednesday, hours after he was named as acting president.,Men and women breached military defences and entered the premier’s office to raise national flags, witnesses told AFP.,Police and troops failed to hold back crowds despite firing tear gas and water cannon to prevent.,Wickremesinghe in a televised address said he had instructed security forces to restore order, but troops were seen backing down at his office leaving gates open for protesters to stroll in.,“I have ordered military commanders and the police chief to do what is necessary to restore order,” Wickremesinghe said.,“Those who stormed into my office want to stop me from discharging my responsibilities as acting president.”,His private home was set ablaze on Saturday after protesters captured the president’s office and home on Saturday.,“We can’t tear up our constitution. We can’t allow fascists to take over. We must end this fascist threat to democracy,” he said adding that the state buildings occupied by protesters must be returned to state custody.,The protesters’ actions were a repeat of Saturday’s capture of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s home and office, which forced him to eventually flee the country earlier Wednesday.