Mad Max May Have Already Revealed Hemsworth’s Fate in Furiosa Prequel

Even though the
Mad Max: Fury Road prequel,
Furiosa, is still two years away from release, the fate of Chris Hemsworth’s character may have already been revealed. Little is known about 
Furiosa‘s production as of yet, outside of the recently released official synopsis. Despite that, however, Chris Hemsworth’s casting, and therefore his character’s ultimate fate, can be figured out from what context clues have been revealed.,Currently filming in Australia, 
Furiosa‘s official synopsis has been released. Taking place many years before she met “Mad” Max Rockatansky, it reveals that the young Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy, taking over from 
Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Charlize Theron) will be caught up in a war between two tyrants: The Immortan Joe and Warlord Dementus. Several other cast members have also been announced for the prequel. Tom Burke, recently seen playing Orson Welles in David Fincher’s 
Mank, and the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, will co-star opposite Taylor-Joy in the film. However, the characters they are set to play have not been officially announced as of yet.,Related: Furiosa Prequel Fixes One Mad Max Fury Road Mistake,Even though it is still unknown who exactly he will play, it is reasonable to assume a star such as Chris Hemsworth will be playing a significant role–even the film’s main villain. Given Tom Burke’s resemblance to a young Immortan Joe (the late Hugh Keays-Byrne in 
Mad Max: Fury Road), it would not be a surprise to see the English actor play a younger version of the Citadel dictator. This leaves Hemsworth as the other villain mentioned in the synopsis: Dementus. If he is playing Dementus, there’s a catch, however. The issue with Dementus being a lead villain in
Furiosa is that his fate has already been revealed in 
Mad Max lore.,Dementus is a character mentioned in Avalanche Studios’ 2015 
Mad Max video game. Before the events of the game, Dementus was a biker warlord who took over Gastown. He then attempted to lay siege to Immortan Joe’s Citadel, where he was killed by one of Immortan Joe’s sons, Scabrous Scrotus. As these events took place long before both the video game and 
Mad Max: Fury Road, but given their similarity to 
Furiosa‘s synopsis, it is safe to say that Chris Hemsworth’s character, if he is indeed playing Dementus, will die.,However, the
Mad Max movies have a confusing timeline where the canon between films has been changed. So even if the events of the 
Mad Max video game are ignored, it is also logical to assume that Dementus loses his war with Immortan Joe and dies in
Furiosa in order to be canonical with
Fury Road. Immortan Joe, obviously, is alive at the beginning of 
Mad Max: Fury Road and still rules the Citadel with an iron fist. Dementus, on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen and is never mentioned in the film at all. The ins and outs of how exactly Dementus will die in 
Furiosa remain to be seen, however.,Next: Mad Max: Furiosa Can Perfect 1 Chris Hemsworth Movie Trend