Sonic Finally Gives Tails the Big Win He Always Deserved, With One Twist

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Sonic the Hedgehog #50!,IDW Publishing’s Sonic the Hedgehog finally just gave Tails the big win he always deserved, and it was against none other than his cyborg replacement, Kitsunami “Kit” the Fennec.,As a sidekick to the fastest thing alive, it’s expected that Tails will get lost in Sonic’s dust every now and then. Tails doesn’t seek glory or fame, unlike the Blue Blur who is a sucker for attention. The two-tailed fox is content with limiting himself to supporting Sonic, Leading to Tails getting perpetually overshadowed and overlooked. Tails also prefers utilizing his superior intellect to help Sonic as opposed to resorting to violence, an affinity that naturally lends to Tails serving as the mastermind behind the scenes. While this might be Tails’ preference, it can be frustrating for his fans who would love to see their favorite sidekick take center stage for once.,Related: Sonic Finally Battles His Most Twisted Nemesis (& It’s Not Robotnik),Luckily, Tails not only has a chance to outperform his cyborg replacement Kit with his superior intellect but even employs impressive physical exploits in Sonic the Hedgehog #50 by writer Ian Flynn, artist Adam Bryce Thomas, colorists Matt Herms, Heather Breckel, Reggie Graham, and letterer Shawn Lee. Tails overcomes Kit mentally two times over the course of their battle. Even though the twin-tailed fox eventually is forced to resort to a second strategy after the first fails, the reason why he wasn’t successful initially was due to how much Kit has been brainwashed into blindly following his version of Sonic, Surge the Tenric. The first instance involved Tails trying to find common ground between himself and his opponent in an effort to convince Kit to temporarily work together with him to achieve the same goal. His second display of unmatched wit transpired thanks to a quick assessment of the source to Kit’s powers and flawless deduction of how long said power would last. The big shocker, however, occurred when Tails used his namesake to fend off Kit’s hydro powers twice.,While Tails has performed impressively in the past and has even overpowered some enemies, each of these instances occurred when Sonic was present. That, or he exercised his physical and mental prowess separately, not simultaneously – or not as successfully. The best instance of this occurred earlier in Sonic when Tails used an invention that he just developed to render the invading Deadly Six inoperable. Although Tails saved the day against the Deadly Six, Tails relied on and incorporated Sonic’s abilities into his overall strategy to help them achieve the best results even though he may have been able to complete the mission on his own. Sonic #50 is therefore the first instance when Tails has won without any help. Additionally, although the focus during the Deadly Six battle was the successful utilization of his invention, Tails did manage to land some impressive spin dashes on the leader Zavok even though they inevitably fail, forcing the sidekick to rely on his invention to take out Zavok. In Sonic #50, Tails is able to fend off Kit’s powerful water attacks and even overpower the cyborg to turn off his water supply – possibly even more.,Although Sonic the Hedgehog #50 is a monumental issue for a number of reasons, this latest installment also serves as a defining moment for Tails just because he is forced to battle and win on his own rather than letting the Blue Blur either take all of the credit or share the spotlight with him. Fans always knew Tails was more than capable of holding his own. Now they have the proof they always wanted.,Next: Sonic Creator Confirms Pronunciation Of Sonic 3 Stage Name,Sonic the Hedgehog #50 is available now from IDW!