Kylie Jenner Has Been Called A “Full Time Climate Criminal” After Her Private Jet Was Exposed For Taking Three-Minute Flights

Back in May, Kylie Jenner and her mom, Kris Jenner, sparked fierce backlash when they were filmed going to a supermarket in their family reality show,
The Kardashians.,The mother-daughter duo were practically giddy with excitement as they relished pushing the cart full of groceries, paying at a checkout counter, and loading their purchases into their car.,They later compared a drive-thru car wash to “Disneyland” and called it “such a tourist attraction.”,The scenes left some viewers feeling uncomfortable, with billionaire Kylie finding novelty in such everyday activities being used as an example of her extreme privilege.,The storyline had followed an episode where Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, famously struggled to slice her own cucumber, which had sparked another conversation about growing up in vast wealth.,“I love that Kylie and Kendall are so out of touch with reality, to the point where they have to have a day to do ‘normal things’ like grocery store in person and cutting their own cucumbers,” one person tweeted at the time.,“Kylie and Kris calling going to the grocery store and checking out and filling their cart an experience is the most white rich privileged thing I’ve seen,” another added. A third said: “[I] thought the ‘day of normal errands’ with Kris and Kylie would be cute but it’s SO GROSS. We know they’re out of touch, we don’t need to see just how out of touch.”,Neither Kylie or Kris responded to the negative reaction at the time, and Kylie has now found herself in more hot water after sharing an “out of touch” post to her Instagram page this weekend.,The 24-year-old business mogul posted a black-and-white photo of herself and her partner, Travis Scott, embracing in between two private jets.,Kylie captioned the snap: “You wanna take mine or yours?” but her flex probably didn’t get the reaction that she anticipated.,In fact, the post quickly went viral on Twitter as horrified people accused Kylie of being “a full time climate criminal.”,She was accused of “bragging” about “her absolute disregard for the planet” as the damage that private jets do to the planet was highlighted online.,Amid the backlash, some delved deeper into Kylie’s flight history and discovered that her jet has been used for flights as short as three minutes.,While it is not confirmed whether the mom of two was on the plane at the time, records show that it flew from Camarillo, California, to Van Nuys, California, earlier this month.,The journey would have taken just 40 minutes by car.,Kylie’s jet also takes regular flights amounting to less than 15 minutes each, which further horrified her critics.,Many people were quick to point out that they’d made sacrifices in their own lives in their bid to protect the environment amid a growing climate crisis, but questioned whether it was worth it while celebrities were able to be this reckless with their own carbon footprint.,While swapping plastic straws for paper and using reusable shopping bags are well intentioned, private jets have been found to emit two tons of CO2 in just one hour.,In fact, Transport & Environment reported in May 2021 that they are 5 to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes.,“80% of people have never taken a plane and Kylie Jenner is out here taking regular 10 minute flights, 5 flights in the last week under 30 minutes, one was 3 minutes long. Her carbon footprint for one ten minute flight is more than some people make in a year,” one person tweeted.,Another reacted to Kylie’s Instagram post by writing: “Kylie Jenner truly is one of the worst celebrities out there. Not her flexing her absolute disregard for the planet.”,“Famous people are so OUT of touch with reality, like, how did she not think she’d get backlash for that,” a third said. “@KylieJenner read the room. Our planet is dying, climate change is a real issue.”,“Kylie Jenner: full time climate criminal. These jets should never be allowed to take off,” someone else said in response to the three-minute flight.,“The hourly carbon footprint of most private jets is larger than the average annual carbon footprint for one American btw,” another tweeted.,“This is depressing as fuck actually, considering working class ppl are constantly being told to alter their/our habits to fight climate change while people w money can just pollute the earth all day,” one more observed.,Others found Kylie’s post particularly tasteless as it comes amid a global cost-of-living crisis, with many regular people struggling to cope with the soaring costs of everyday essentials.,“Says a lot about how out of touch the Kardashian/Jenner clan are when Kylie thinks now, when most of the world is struggling with basic living costs, is the perfect time to post a photo bragging about private planes,” one person said. “Read the room ya daft spoon. Actually fucking chronic.”,“There’s a cost of living crisis and, let us not forget, a climate crisis. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner is posting this,” another tweeted.,Kylie bought her $72.8 million private jet, Kylie Air, shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and it includes an entertainment room, master suite, and huge closet space.,And she isn’t the only KarJenner sister to have their own plane, with Kim Kardashian recently revealing her own jet’s renovations.,Showing off Kim Air in
The Kardashians, Kim revealed that she’d customized the plane with an all-cashmere interior, with light wood detailing.,“It’s so pretty. I never dreamed I would own a plane. I wanted it to feel like an extension of me and an extension of my home,” she said on the show. “The best, most exciting part of the plane is it’s all cashmere — ceiling, pillows, headrests.”,Neither Kylie nor Travis have responded to the backlash to Kylie’s Instagram post.