Kingsman 3 Could Start Production Soon, Says Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton says production on 
Kingsman 3 could start soon. Egerton starred in the first two films of the irreverent action/spy franchise, 
Kingsman: The Secret Service and 
Kingsman: The Golden Circle as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin. Not to be confused with the recent prequel 
The King’s Man, which Eggsy didn’t appear in. 
The King’s Man followed the formation of The Kingsmen agency by Ralph Fiennes’ Duke Orlando Oxford amidst the turmoil of WWI, decades before the events of the other films which are set in the present day.,The upcoming sequel is called 
Kingsman: Blue Blood and will see Matthew Vaughn continue to serve as the series director and co-writer as he has on all previous films. 
Blue Blood was supposed to be shot back-to-back with the prequel, but as with many productions in the past few years, that plan was upended by the COVID pandemic. There’s little known about the story
 at the moment, although it will continue to follow the tempestuous relationship of the blue-collared Eggsy and his more proper mentor Harry Hart a.k.a. Merlin (Colin Firth). While neither 
The Golden Circle nor 
The King’s Man were particularly successful in the eyes of critics, that hasn’t slowed the franchise from making money, and might not even hamper Vaughn’s plans to make at least 7 other films or television shows in the 
Kingsman universe.,Related: Every Upcoming & Rumored Kingsman Movie & TV Show,Egerton spoke recently about the series in an interview for the Sirius XM show 
The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham. In the interview, both hosts profess to being big fans of the franchise and ask Egerton if he has any updates on his next appearance in the franchise and the state of 
Kingsman 3. Egerton is deferential, saying, ”
I am a humble pawn in the equation,” but confirming that, ”
there is a script.” His full quote on the project is below:,While he may likely be keeping mum on the project for contractual reasons, it’s also very likely that he doesn’t know more information beyond that. Actors are often kept in the dark about such decisions until films are in the final stages of pre-production, which is precisely why so many of them become producers. As Egerton put it, so they can be privy to and have more of a say in the ”
grown up decisions.” While he has headlined some major films, he has yet to step up into the producer’s role, although he will be executive producing the upcoming Apple show 
Black Bird, which he will also act in alongside Ray Liotta in one of his final roles.,For fans of the 
Kingsman films, while there isn’t much new information regarding 
Blue Blood, the update does give hope. Vaughn is deeply invested in the franchise at this point, and seems to really want there to be a proper send-off for the Eggsy/Harry relationship. One way or another, it’s going to happen. Just because the trilogy is ending, it doesn’t necessarily write off Eggsy’s character from returning in future films down the line, either. While Egerton hasn’t appeared in a film since playing Elton John in 2019’s 
Rocketman, between potentially playing the next Wolverine in the MCU to the release of
Kingsman 3, the next few years could be big ones for the rising prominence of the actor.,Next: What’s The Next Kingsman Movie? What We Know About Kingsman: Blue Blood,Source: The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham