Where Scott McCall Is When Teen Wolf Movie Starts According To Tyler Posey

According to Tyler Posey, Scott McCall will have a much more human story arc in
Teen Wolf: The Movie. In November of last year, to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the show’s finale, Paramount announced that a
Teen Wolf movie was in the works. The plot will focus on a terrifying new evil that has emerged in the town of Beacon Hills, and the
Teen Wolf movie is planned to debut on the Paramount+ streaming service later this year. Scott McCall will have to join forces with his friends again to battle against the most powerful enemy they’ve ever faced.,A recent
Teen Wolf trailer stoked anticipation even further as it unveiled that Crystal Reed looks to reprise the role of Allison Argent. Many questions loom over the upcoming
Teen Wolf movie, and fans have expressed interest in knowing how the film will address the absence of Dylan O’Brien. Viewers are likewise curious to know what their favorite characters have been up to in the years since the
Teen Wolf finale and what part they’ll have to play in the long-anticipated feature film. That’s certainly true of Scott, who was often uncertain of what the future might bring during the show’s original run on MTV.,RELATED: Every Character & Actor Returning For The Teen Wolf Movie,As part of an interview with
ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Posey shed light on what fans can expect for Scott when the
Teen Wolf movie arrives. The actor confirmed that the film will include a time jump to 2026 and that Scott will be 33 years old. From there, Posey talked about how his character was always focused on saving his friends. But, for a change, it sounds like the titular wolf will be focused on saving himself. Posey’s full quote is included below.,Posey is undoubtedly correct that Scott had a lot to contend with during the original run of
Teen Wolf. Whenever he had a moment to himself, to breathe or to think, the next big bad was making his presence felt. Much about the Paramount+ movie has yet to be revealed, including the question of what’s happening with Allison, though it sounds like the project has been written with the character’s most natural trajectories in mind.,It should be interesting to see what that might mean for Scott in practice. So often, the hero, it could be the case that he won’t fight the impulse to look after the ones that matter most to him in the world. That, in itself, signals a lot of fertile ground for Posey to tap into. And given that he’s long advocated for a
Teen Wolf movie, it has to be a pleasure to see it all come together.,Source: