Prey 2 & Future Sequel Plans Teased By Director

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg teases his potential
Prey 2 and future sequel plans for the franchise. Trachtenberg developed
Prey‘s story with screenwriter Patrick Aison and helmed the film, which stars Amber Midthunder as a Comanche warrior who must face the invading threat of a Predator in her lands.
Prey is set 300 years prior to the first
Predator film and serves as an origin of sorts, as it’s the first time a Predator has visited Earth.,The ending of
Prey sees Midthunder’s Naru victorious in her battle with the Predator, leading to an animated end-credits sequence that’s recreated in Native American hide paintings. The animated sequence primarily retells the film’s story, but also leaves audiences with a bigger tease by showing approaching Predator ships as Naru’s Comanche tribe spots them in the sky. This small tease has led
Prey fans to speculate on what could potentially come next for the
Predator franchise, and now Trachtenberg has spoken up about his approach to the sequence and how far ahead he’s planned the series.,Related: Prey Movie Credits Tease Explained,While talking to
THR, Trachtenberg is asked about the animated end-title sequence, saying that he initially looked very far ahead, well beyond
Prey‘s ending to see where the story goes. However, Trachtenberg stopped short of getting too invested in that aspect in order to remain focused on telling the best story he could with
Prey first. Here’s what the
Prey director had to say about his approach, which teases a big plan for how far the story could go:,While no sequel to the film has been announced thus far,
Prey is already the biggest premiere on Hulu to date, meaning that there’s sure to be talks of a follow-up. Beyond its viewership numbers,
Prey is also the best-reviewed
Predator movie. There has been a lot of interest in the film’s stripped-down way of approaching the franchise, and based on Trachtenberg’s new comments, it’s clear there is more that can be done here. Trachtenberg has some ideas, and now that he has already sold viewers on a new kind of
Predator movie, he can finally dive back into those ideas he began to develop early on. This is assuming
Prey 2 gets the green light, but the odds seem good.,One of
Prey‘s many strengths is that not only does it pave the way for sequels that follow Naru’s story, but it opens up the
Predator franchise to fill in the gap of 300 years leading up to the first film. This gives the franchise a whole new lease on storytelling, which could potentially show the Predator encountering many different people, civilizations, time periods, and significant events throughout that span of history. While it would be cool to see Naru’s journey in
Prey continue, facing whatever Trachtenberg has planned beyond the first film, it would be just as cool to see the Predator jump through history in all manner of settings.,Source: THR