Rick & Morty’s OTHER Council Explains the Central Finite Curve’s Purpose

Warning: Contains spoilers for Rick and Morty #60,In issue 60 of the Rick and Morty comics, a major factoid is revealed by Rick Sanchez that completely shifts the nature of the Illumiricki, a secretive second Council of Ricks. The true reality of the secret council also adds an insidious edge to the Central Finite Curve and the Ricks and Mortys inside.,The Illumiricki are the ‘Ricks behind the curtain’, in a sense. They were founded with the purpose of controlling the more troublesome Ricks, resulting in them killing off the Rick detractors. Or so the seated council members thought.,Related: Rick and Morty’s Doctor Who Parody Is Its Harshest Pop-Culture Callout,With Rick and Morty #60 it is revealed that Rick C-137 himself forged this group, which goes hand in hand with Rick’s motivation for founding the Central Finite Curve. He states he did this for two self-serving reasons: One, to wipe out his competition for the title of ‘Rickest Rick’, and two, because he had the foresight that a group like this would exist anyway, so why not have it be founded by him? Therefore, as a founder he would be alerted to the inner workings of the group and any affirmative action towards him in the future. This takes Rick’s hubris to a shocking level. Especially since the TV show confirmed he also founded the Council of Ricks. This means he founded the two ruling organizations for all Ricks to keep himself on top.,This reveal is even more insidious when remembering the nature of the Central Finite Curve. The Central Finite Curve is essentially just a segment of alternate realities banded together where Ricks are the smartest beings in the universe. It is directly implied that Rick C-137 created the Curve as a contribution that all Ricks support. It’s essentially a cosmic prison that Rick runs. To summarize, he created the universe the audience knows, placed every Rick inside it and its capital, then founded multiple organizations to publicly control people while privately assassinating them. Creating oligarchic systems of control that were founded to protect his interests is not the mark of a freedom-seeking anarchist.,The story of Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty is one of bad-faith control. The Council of Ricks is a very public display of corruption, but because it’s public it’s accepted. The Illumiricki is the classic ‘shadowy organization’ archetype that has the freedom anonymity grants to enact the true reality of the Curve. It is corruption that flourishes in public and private. This is why characters like Evil Morty are important to the canon because he’s a revolutionary figure who escapes the Rick-verse and shakes everything up. Overall, Rick is undoubtedly a dangerous God figure with sociopathic tendencies to control every situation to protect his benefit. Rick’s founding father status of every insidious aspect of the multiverse proves that the Central Finite Curve’s purpose is to uphold the status quo with Ricks on top, for all time.,Next: Rick and Morty’s Anti-Portal Gun Solves Its Darkest Unanswered Question,Rick and Morty #60 is available now wherever comic books are sold!