Deadpool’s Character Design Was Based on the Avengers’ Weaponry

The anti-hero Deadpool is rather different from most of the original Avengers, but an iconic part of his character design was actually based on those classic heroes. Originating as a villain, Deadpool has evolved to become more of a violent antihero. Despite becoming an Avenger for a time, it is unlikely that he will ever become a traditional hero as long as he continues to use his incredibly deadly weapons in battle.,Though Wade Wilson is a master of all weaponry, he generally favors using any number of guns or his iconic katanas. In this regard, he reflects the sensibilities of his creator, Rob Liefeld. Liefeld is a comic book creator who shaped many aspects of X-Men comics in the 90s and introduced various iconic characters such as Deadpool and Cable into the Marvel Universe. He has a very recognizable and somewhat controversial style defined by bulging muscles, pouches, and weapons galore, among other things. While his art was somewhat revolutionary for the time, many elements of it were based on what preceded it.,Related: Deadpool Was Directly Inspired by Danny DeVito’s Role in Twins,In a 2016 interview with Complex, Liefeld talked about how his favorite comic as a child was the Avengers. He greatly enjoyed how many of the Avengers had their own distinctive weapons, like Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and Hawkeye’s bow and arrows. He felt this made these characters cooler than other characters like Jean Grey and Cyclops whose lack of weapons hindered how cool they could be. Thus when making his own characters, like Deadpool and Cable, he gave them a bunch of weapons to make them cooler. As Liefeld puts it:,This interview explains a key part of both Rob Liefeld’s distinctive art style and the Merc with a Mouth’s popularity. Countless fans have enjoyed watching Deadpool brutally defeat his enemies with various weapons. They enable the character to be more violent than many other more traditional heroes, which gives him an added edge that the more straight-laced characters like Captain America lack. This is fascinating given how the very inspiration behind Deadpool’s design came from characters like these. This shows that despite how extremely newer comics can differ from their predecessors, their creators are still springboarding off of the groundwork laid by earlier stories.,The world of Marvel Comics is fascinating in large part due to how it constantly builds upon itself. This isn’t limited to in-universe events having consequences that carry forward (although this is exciting to see as Fantastic Four has recently shown). It also includes how new generations of artists and writers continue to build and expand on ideas and concepts created by their predecessors. And nowhere is this clearer than in Rob Liefeld’s inspiration to weaponize his creations like Deadpool and Cable stemming from his love of the weapons that the Avengers used.,More: Deadpool’s Real Reason for Killing Makes Him Marvel’s Bleakest Hero,Source: Complex