Moon Knight Season 2 Is Up To Kevin Feige & Oscar Isaac Says Writer

Marvel Studios has not announced plans for Moon Knight season 2, and the show’s writer says a renewal is up to Kevin Feige and Oscar Isaac. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing audiences to a variety of new characters in the movies and on Disney+. When Moon Knight was released on the streaming service earlier this year, fans around the world quickly became enamored with Oscar Isaac’s superhero and his alters, Steven Grant and Marc Spector.,Moon Knight season 2 is something fans have been hoping will happen after the finale. Moon Knight season 1’s ending included the confirmation that a third alter, Jake Lockley, is still working for Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. He seemingly killed Arthur Harrow in the real world at the conclusion of the series. The two big reveals came after Steven and Marc believed they were done with this mercenary life and severed all connections to Khonshu, making the twists seem like set up for another season. Marvel has so far not addressed what lies ahead for Oscar Isaac in the MCU.,Related: MCU Sets Up Why Moon Knight Will Return In Phase 4 & Beyond,During a recent interview with The Playlist, the possibility of Moon Knight season 2 happening was addressed by series writer Jeremy Slater. He mentioned that he has not had any discussions with Marvel about continuing the series. According to Slater, there are two people who likely hold all of the cards in determining if Moon Knight season 2 happens: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Moon Knight himself, Oscar Isaac.,Much of Moon Knight‘s creative team has remained open to the possibility of making a second season of the hit Disney+ MCU show. There is also plenty of interest in him getting a solo movie next instead of season 2. Marvel Studios has so far only given one of its live-action Disney+ shows a second season (Loki), but Moon Knight could become the second at some point. It is true that Kevin Feige will have a big say in whether or not it does happen. However, he also will not force Oscar Isaac to do another season of TV if he has other ideas for what Moon Knight’s MCU future could hold.,It is ultimately too early to tell if Moon Knight season 2 is happening. Feige has said that more of Marvel Studios’ plans will be revealed in the near future to provide fans with a better roadmap for where the shared universe is heading. That could include announcing Moon Knight season 2 or confirming where else Oscar Isaac’s superhero will appear instead. Hopefully, Feige and Isaac are in agreement that there is room to tell more exciting stories in a second season, as the week-to-week mystery of Moon Knight was a thrill for many fans.,More: Will Moon Knight Get A Movie? MCU Future Explained,Source: The Playlist