Composer Joseph Trapanese Interview: America The Beautiful

America the Beautiful, arriving July 4on Disney+, is the perfect way to spend the holiday while getting to know the creatures that roam the land and the people that care for them. From the award-winning producers of Planet Earth and the Disneynature films, the newest docuseries contains 6 episodes that each explore a different habitat in the continent and showcase its impressive diversity.,Not only is it narrated by Michael B. Jordan, but America the Beautiful also boasts an inspiring score and soundtrack that makes full use of America’s diversity. From Native to classical music and even blues, composer Joseph Trapanese has collaborated with an impressive number of artists to bring out the true sound of the continent. Trapanese is a prolific composer whose own wide range of projects, from this to Spiderhead and Shadow And Bone, make him the perfect fit for such an ambitious series.,Related: Disney Nature Films Sure To Increase Your Love Of The Planet,Screen Rant spoke to Trapanese about his most unexpected moments while scoring America the Beautiful, the need to incorporate the diverse voices that make up the country and include the Native experience, and how differently he approaches a fantasy series like The Witcher.,Screen Rant: I am a big fan of your music and eclectic range. Can you talk about what first brought you to music and specifically scoring?,How did you first begin working with National Geographic? Who brought America the Beautiful to you, and what was the pitch?,It definitely does not sound like your average docuseries. But what I especially love is how Native voices were incorporated into the project on every level, including the music. How early on did you have those conversations, and was bringing on artists like Joe [Rainey] and Dylan [Jennings] part of the larger picture or just kismet?,I love how it feeds into the diversity that America really has, which sometimes people don’t even realize. How much did you get to be in dialogue with the producers, as new footage was found or anything like that? Or did you work separately?,Was there any part of the collaboration process that was most surprising or rewarding to you as you went through it? ,That’s what keeps you coming back, right?,Now that it’s complete, have you gotten to see the finished product?,Speaking of surprises, was there anything that you learned by watching that was most to you, or that you did not know about this country?,That was one thing that I really liked, getting to see pieces of different communities who do their part to help conservation. From your point of view, is there anything either that you’ve learned or that you just do, for conservation? If someone wants to get started on not destroying our planet, do you have any baby steps?,What are you working on right now, and what has you excited?,What is your concept when you go into The Witcher? What is the big picture for you?,Speaking of big pictures and motifs, what would you say are some of the most important motifs that you go back to in America the Beautiful?,Never-before-seen stories of heroic animals — endearing, majestic and downright bizarre — play out against a breathtaking backdrop of America’s most iconic landscapes. Aerial cameras take viewers on a thrilling journey from the ice caps to the desert, from sea to shining sea. From grizzlies hunting caribou in the Alaskan mountains to prairie dogs battling a tornado, find out what it takes to be an American hero.,Check back soon for our other interviews with America the Beautiful‘s producers, cinematographers, and musicians. You can also watch our previous interview with Joseph Trapanese for Spiderhead.,More: 10 Best Nature Documentaries, According To Reddit,America the Beautiful will be streaming July 4 on Disney+.