Golden Child’s TAG To Partially Return To Activities Following Hiatus Due To Liver Condition

Golden Child’s TAG will be partially resuming activities following his health-related hiatus.

Last month, TAG was admitted to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with poor liver condition. Due to the medical advice that he needed treatment and rest, TAG halted all activities, with Golden Child temporarily promoting as an eight-member group.

On June 27, Woollim Entertainment officially announced that TAG’s health had improved and that he would be rejoining the group for their future activities—with the exception of the group’s activities abroad, such as their ongoing U.S. tour.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Woollim Entertainment.

First, we would like to thank all of the fans who have been worrying and waiting for their unsparing love.

We are making an announcement about the condition of Golden Child member TAG’s health and his future activities.

Last month, because TAG’s health took a turn for the worse, he was admitted to the hospital, where he underwent a thorough examination. In accordance with the doctor’s advice that he needed treatment and rest, he halted all scheduled activities and focused on his treatment and recovery.

Since then, TAG’s health has improved greatly due to continued examinations and treatment. Due to both his doctor’s opinion that he is able to promote and TAG’s personal desire to resume his activities, he plans to return to promoting with Golden Child. As we consider our artist’s health and safety our top priority, he will not be participating in the group’s activities abroad that have already been scheduled, but with the exception of their activities abroad, he will be joining Golden Child for all of their other activities from now on.

Our agency will do our utmost to ensure that all of our artists are able to promote in good health.

We ask that you give lots of love and support to Golden Child’s TAG, who will be greeting you again in cheerful spirits.

Thank you.

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