Captain America Villain Actor Is Sure He Will Return To The MCU

Captain America villain actor, Georges St-Pierre, is confident that he will return to the MCU at some point. St-Pierre first joined the massive franchise in 2014’s
Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Batroc, based on the Marvel comics character Georges Batroc the Leaper. The villain was briefly seen at the beginning of Winter Soldier with a short but brutal battle against Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Batroc proved his worth against Captain America, standing toe-to-toe against the Avengers leader longer than many other henchmen previously had. Although Batroc was defeated, he managed to use a grenade and escape custody. He was never seen again until his reappearance in the popular MCU television series,
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.,Focusing on the relationship between Sam Wilson/The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) as they take on a rogue anarchist organization called the Flag Smashers,
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier featured Batroc’s return to the criminal world as the leader of a terrorist group known as the LAF. Allied with the Flag Smashers, he fought Wilson multiple times before being killed by Sharon Carter when it was revealed that she was the Power Broker. Although the events of
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier convincingly depicted the death of Batroc, St-Pierre thinks otherwise.,Related: Falcon & Winter Soldier’s Returning Captain America 2 Villain Batroc Explained,In a recent interview with
Sherdog, St-Pierre is confident that Batroc will return to the MCU in some fashion. When asked about the villain’s future, although Batroc was seemingly killed in his last appearance, the actor responded that his character will surely rear his head again along with his ”
brigade.” Read what the St-Pierre said about his potential MCU return below.,Although Batroc was shown on the receiving end of a bullet at the end of
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the series still left room for the villain to return later in another MCU project. Batroc is a tough fighter who held his own against both versions of Captain America and lived to tell the tale. For such a strong character to be eliminated in such a quick and unceremonious manner is not in the established style of the MCU.,The MCU has seemingly killed off plenty of characters throughout the franchise’s history and had them resurrected multiple times before. Whether it be the victims of Thanos’ snap, an alternate timeline Gamora, the various deaths of Loki, the multiple literal deaths and resurrections of Phil Coulson, or Vision’s reconstruction in WandaVision, the MCU has managed to figure out a way to bring back beloved characters. If Marvel President Kevin Feige decides to bring back Batroc for a future
Captain America sequel remains to be seen, but with the amount of times deaths that have been canceled in the franchise, audiences may not be so surprised by his return.,Next: Why Sam’s Captain America Is Weaker Than Batroc,Source: Sherdog