Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Trailer Imagined In Classic Black & White

After the divisive response to the colorful original, one fan has reimagined Rob Zombie’s 
The Munsters trailer in classic black and white. The film, based on the classic 1960s sitcom, will serve as an origin story for Lily, a 150-year-old vampire eager to find a person to fall in love with and finds her soulmate in Herman, the seven-foot-tall green creature brought back to life by the mad scientist, Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang. As Lily and Herman fall in love and move in to their new house on the sleepy suburban street of Mockingbird Lane, they must contend with Lily’s father, an elderly Count Dracula, who has other plans for his daughter’s future.,Sheri Moon Zombie is leading the cast of 
The Munsters movie reboot as Lily alongside Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, Daniel Roebuck as The Count, Richard Brake as Dr. Wolfgang, Sylvester McCoy, Jorge Garcia, Catherine Schell, Butch Patrick, Pat Priest and Elvira actress Cassandra Peterson. Zombie was rumored to be developing a film adaptation of the classic sitcom in early 2021, with the filmmaker confirming his involvement a few months later and production running from November 2021 to this month. 
The Munsters is gearing up to hit shelves and Netflix later this year and fans of the original sitcom are trying to find their own take on the film.,Related: Of Course Rob Zombie’s Munsters Is Divisive (Have You Seen His Work?!),Just a week after the original version set the Internet on fire, YouTube user Anthony Scibelli has shared an alternate version of 
The Munsters trailer. The video reimagines Rob Zombie’s movie reboot in the classic black-and-white tones of the source sitcom instead of the colorful look of the actual film. Check out the reimagined trailer below:,Click here to watch the trailer,The official 
The Munsters trailer for Rob Zombie’s reboot threw many audiences for a loop as it showed off a much more colorful approach to adapting the classic sitcom. Zombie had shared a variety of behind-the-scenes teases for the film throughout its production, most of which pointed towards the shift to color, the latest in the 
Munsters franchise to do so, but a teaser released prior to the trailer showed a faithful recreation of the black-and-white opening credits for the series. In addition to the color palette of the footage, audiences took issue with 
The Munsters trailer’s audio mixing, which featured blown-out mixing and bizarre sound effects.,Though the reimagined 
The Munsters trailer still retains the audio issues of the original video, the black-and-white visuals of the new video is sure to be better received by fans of the original sitcom. While the special features for the home media release of the film have already been revealed, it will be interesting to see if Zombie and Universal re-release 
The Munsters reboot at a later date in the black-and-white palette in the same vein as Warner Bros. did with George Miller’s 
Mad Max: Fury Road. In the meantime, audiences can look forward to seeing how the colorful version of the film is received when 
The Munsters hits shelves on September 27 followed by Netflix shortly thereafter.,More: Why Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Trailer Looks So Bad,Source: Anthony Scibelli