Jamie Lee Curtis Would Star In Marvel Movie Despite Calling Out MCU

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that she would accept a role in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe despite being a vocal critique of Marvel Studios’ output. Curtis recently starred in Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinhert’s multiverse-focused absurdist comedy-drama
Everything Everywhere All at Once. The actress recently critiqued Marvel Studios when promoting
Everything Everywhere All at Once on social media.,A notable figure in Hollywood, Curtis has had a number of acclaimed, iconic roles across her career. From influential horror final girl Laurie Strode, real-estate mogul and Thromby family heir Linda Drysdale, and the many versions of IRS inspector Deirdre Bauebeirdre, Curtis is a beloved actress recognizable to many fans. While the actress is no stranger to starring in franchises, with Curtis being set to return as Laurie Strode in
Halloween Ends, Curtis has recently been critical of the output of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on social media. However, despite her criticisms, the actress won’t rule out a possible appearance in the franchise if the opportunity arose.,Related: How Trading Places Broke Jamie Lee Curtis Out Of The Horror Genre,In an interview with
People, Curtis reflected on her recent social media critiques of the MCU, stating that she feels that the studio may not approach her due to her competitive posts. Despite doubting any future opportunities may appear, the star did iterate that she would gladly work with the studio provided that she found the potential role interesting. However, Curtis also emphasized that she would fear that a potential MCU role would likely involve her just performing motion-capture work. Check out Curtis’ response below,Curtis first critiqued Marvel Studios’ large-scale budgets in a social media post in May when promoting the then recently released
Everything Everywhere All at Once. On her personal Instagram account, Curtis praised
Everything Everywhere All at Once before highlighting how the film cost less to produce than a Marvel production’s catering budget, joking that the post would prevent her from being cast by the studio in the future. Curtis soon followed with further critiques of Marvel Studios when sharing a behind-the-scenes video of
Everything Everywhere, highlighting how sequences such as her fight scene with Michelle Yeoh were created without the effects that are used heavily in Marvel Studios’ productions.,Curtis has shown to be enthusiastic about taking on a varied number of roles, from revealing her dream role in Netflix’s
One Piece live-action series to praising the production of
Everything Everywhere as a notable and enjoyable experience of her career. While her openness to star in an MCU film may come as a surprise to some due to her previous critiques, the right filmmaker and role may win over the star. With Curtis being open to a
Marvel Cinematic Universe role, fans of the star and the franchise may wonder what Marvel Comics character Curtis could bring to life.,Next: Every Jamie Lee Curtis Horror Movie Ranked From Worst To Best,Source: People