5 Times Our Hearts Fluttered For Jinyoung In Episodes 3-4 Of “Yumi’s Cells 2”

It’s another week of “Yumi’s Cells 2,” and just when you think you can’t love Yoo Babi (GOT7’s Jinyoung) any more, the newest episodes prove just how possible it is to love him much more. Whether you are team Babi or team Woong, it’s obvious that Jinyoung is out to win all of our hearts this season. The intensity of our love cells was at an all time high this past week with all of the swoon-worthy moments. Here are some of the many parts that made us love Jinyoung even more.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 3-4 ahead!

1. Yoo Babi not going on the blind date

Ruby (Lee Yoo Bi) takes it upon herself to try and set Babi up with one of her friends. She mentions that she has been persistent in trying to get Babi to agree to the blind date, but he hasn’t followed through because he has a crush on someone. After Yumi turns him down, Babi agrees to go on the blind date with Ruby’s friend.

Although Babi tells Yumi that he went on the blind date, Yumi finds out from Ruby that he actually cancelled last minute and that he mentioned he is still not over the girl he likes and needs more time. Upon hearing this, Yumi becomes overwhelmed with emotions for Babi.

How could our hearts not flutter for Babi in this particular scene? With all the doubts that Yumi and her cells have about Babi possibly hitting it off with a girl on the blind date, it was touching to see that he is still hung up on Yumi. The love this guy has for her is so real, and you can’t help but love him for it!

2. “Can we start now then?”

After Yumi musters up all her heart fever courage, she confesses to Babi that she likes him. Immediately after confessing, she begins to walk away, but Babi stops her. His simple response, “Can we start now then?” had everyone squealing for joy. The straightforwardness of Babi and how eager he is to be with Yumi are winning all of our hearts. And when he grabs her hand, Yumi’s walls come crumbling down.

The look that Babi has on his face after Yumi confesses is that of confusion but also of thankfulness. He seems so genuinely in love with Yumi, but because Yumi has already been through so much pain with Woong, it’s hard to fully invest in rooting for her relationship with Babi. Despite this, here’s hoping we can trust Babi!

Yumi’s walls literally come crumbling down:

3. The hand grab and kiss

When Babi and Yumi head to Paju for a dinner date, the two decide to go to a bookstore after dinner. Just as Yumi is about to get out of the car, he grabs her hand. The two hold a gaze for a while, and Babi leans in for a kiss.


It was expected that the two would kiss, but it was unexpected on how fervent and passionate it would be. The kiss seemed to escalate rather quickly, and it was so satisfying to watch. You could totally feel the butterflies that Yumi was probably feeling! It was also the perfect segue into meeting Babi’s adorable cells!

4. Babi taking Yumi to the book cafe

While Babi and Yumi continue to date, they visit a book store cafe. He’s been wanting to take her, knowing that she would love it. When they sit down to talk, they discuss their passions and dreams with Yumi revealing that she has always wanted to be a writer.

Babi seems to ignite this desire in her to want to go after her dream again. You can see the spark in her eyes when she talks about it, and Babi encourages her. He gives her positive affirmation, which is awesome to see. A supportive and encouraging boyfriend is one that I can get behind!

5. Babi waiting for Yumi and giving her his scarf

With Babi and Yumi’s relationship in full bloom, we are able to see Babi being more affectionate and caring with Yumi. When the two meet for a much-anticipated Christmas Eve date, Yumi gets off the bus and discovers that Babi had been waiting for her. He also gives her his scarf because it’s cold out. Yumi’s dislike cell seems to proclaim that Yumi usually hates these types of gestures, but she seems to accept them all, appreciating Babi’s kindness.

There is really nothing that can make Yumi upset at Babi. He is so sweet and caring to her that she is so open and accepting of his love. This particular scene is so sweet and simple, showing viewers that Yumi is being well taken care of. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Babi at this point – he’s perfection!


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