Ted Prequel TV Series Is Close To Production, Says Seth MacFarlane

The prequel series to Ted is close to beginning production according to Seth MacFarlane, the franchise’s creator and voice of the titular crass teddy bear. Released in 2012, Ted starred Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, a man-child who mostly shirks his adult responsibilities in favor of getting high with his best friend, a magical, sentient stuffed animal. The movie was a massive hit and a follow-up came in 2015. Now, Ted’s story will continue, as Peacock announced last year that it had ordered a streaming series based on Ted.,Wahlberg won’t be making a return for the show, but MacFarlane will once again voice the eponymous bear. The Ted series will explore John’s formative years with his stuffed animal companion. Set in the early ’90s, the younger John will be played by Parenthood‘s Max Burkholder. MacFarlane has said that the show will dive into what led John to be the burnout that he is at the beginning of the first movie. MacFarlane has admitted that adapting Ted for television was an arduous process, but judging by his most recent statements, it seems like he’s figured it out.,Related: Seth MacFarlane Has Written Fewer Family Guy Episodes Than You Realize,Speaking at the Producer Guild of America’s Produced By Conference, MacFarlane gave an update on the show’s progress and hinted that cameras are nearly ready to start rolling. According to The Wrap, MacFarlane said the writing process is “fairly far along,” and that production will be starting soon. However, he was quick to point out that, considering the visual effects work it takes to bring a stuffed animal to life, post-production on the show will be a monumental task. Check out his comments below:,Regardless of how long the visual effects will take to finish, MacFarlane’s confidence that the show will be heading into production soon is a promising sign. While he may be best known for animated shows like Family Guy and American Dad, his recent success with The Orville, which just entered season 3, is proof that he can handle live-action, VFX-heavy productions as well. With any luck, he’ll be able to parlay his Orville experience to Ted.,Probably the biggest question left regarding the Ted series is how it will fare without Mark Wahlberg in the role of John. While Ted’s name may be on the posters, the movies were very much a buddy comedy with Wahlberg and MacFarlane sharing a palpable sense of comedic energy between them. Time will tell if that same dynamic will carry over to Peacock’s Ted prequel, but with production reportedly gearing up, the wait may not be too long.,Next: Dark Family Guy Theory Reveals Brian Griffin’s Tragic Origin,Source: The Wrap