Flash’s Scariest Power Can Give His Villains a Fate Worse Than Death

The Flash can do a lot of things with his incredible speed, but there’s one power he almost never pulls out. That is, unless a villain commits the unthinkable, forcing Wally West to pull out his most terrifying finishing move.,When Wally took over for his uncle as the world’s premier Scarlet Speedster, a massive weight was thrust upon his shoulders. Barry Allen disappeared during Crisis on Infinite Earths, forcing Wally to step up in a huge way that many heroes didn’t think he was prepared for. Wally didn’t take his new career lightly and he eventually became the fastest Flash to ever wear the red and yellow spandex. But in his time as the Fastest Man Alive, he would be put through the wringer by some pretty insidious villains who weren’t afraid to cross some serious lines.,Related: Flash’s Nastiest Weakness Is Too R-Rated for the DCEU to Even Consider,Case in point, Barry had to grapple with a painful loss when his sidekick, Impulse, was brutally killed in a plan coordinated by Bart Allen’s clone, Inertia. The plan was successful, but when Wally West returned from an excursion across reality, he made it his mission to track down whoever was responsible. As Inertia is on the lam trying to evade Wally, Flash catches up to the reverse-style villain in All Flash #1 by Mark Waid, Karl Kerschl, Ian Churchill, Manuel Garcia, Joe Bennett, and Daniel Acuña. Wally catches up with the young villain, though he shows absolutely no remorse for his crime. As Flash debates on what to do with Inertia, he slowly steals speed from him until Wally comes to the conclusion he can’t kill a clone of someone he loved. Instead, Wally drains Inertia of his speed completely, leaving the young man frozen in time and placed in the Flash Museum as a statue.,There’s no doubt that if anyone earned this fate, it’s Inertia. The Flash has a lot of awful villains, but few possess the sheer cruelty Thaddeus Thawne did. Not only did he orchestrate Bart’s murder, he gloated about it to Wally’s face when the Flash demanded he answer for his crime. The Flash can do a lot of good with his speed powers, but this instance shows that Flash can go to an extremely dark place with villains when provoked.,Granted, it’s not like Wally is going around making statues out of every villain he comes across. The only reason Inertia got this punishment was because there’s only so many ways of stopping evil speedsters in their tracks. Reverse Flashes like Eobard Thawne or Thaddeus are too dangerous to let run around without restraint. But it’s not just because Inertia is an evil speedster that caused Wally to freeze him in time. The Flash went to a dark place because he felt like he wasn’t there to protect Bart. Flash’s reaction was purely emotional, so he punished Inertia in the way Wally felt he deserved. Wally probably wouldn’t pull out this sort of move on the more honorable Rogues, but other villains with no regard for decency almost certainly would get Flash to bust out his worst power.,Next: Flash’s Job Is the Only Reason His Powers Don’t Kill Everyone He Meets