Harley Quinn Finally Looks Like the Hero She Is In Jaw-Dropping Redesign

The jester outfit is out and Harley Quinn’s newest superhero costume is in! Artist Jen Bartel has posted some more amazing redesigns of Harley’s awesome new outfit from Otto Schmidt that was featured so prominently in Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #11.,Fans of Harleen Quinzel know that that character was introduced as the villainous sidekick to the Joker. But after ditching the Clown Prince of Crime for good, Harley has gone on to carve out a path of her own choosing. There’s been a lot of bumps on the way such as Harley Quinn rekindling her toxic romance with Joker. But recent years have seen Harley make earnest attempts to be better. She may still have her usual dose of zaniness and be more than willing to crack some skulls, but Harley Quinn has shown the potential to be a hero.,Related: Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Colorful Batsuit in Official DC ‘Fan Art’,And a new outfit that has been making waves online shows off just how good Harley looks as a hero. Otto Schmidt’s redesign made its first appearance in Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #11 and no one loved it as much as cover artist Jen Bartel, who eagerly drew up the antihero’s new outfit. But it wasn’t enough to draw Harley Quinn’s amazing costume redesign only once. Just a week after drawing her first batch of the Black + White + Red-style Harleys, Bartel posted an additional series on Twitter with the message “Some more black/white/red Harley warmups.” Bartel shows Harley in action, prepared to swing her giant mallet at any foe who challenges her, with her Rapunzel-length hair flowing wildly. The artist also drew up some more relaxed poses, showing Harley is quite comfortable in her amazing new outfit, even if she’s not fighting., ,Bartel received an outpouring of support from fans all complimenting the amazing execution of her work. There’s no doubt that Harley Quinn fan art drives the internet wild, but Bartel has tapped into something really special with her warmups of Schmidt’s redesign which have gotten thousands of likes each. As fans of Harley have been with her on her journey of self-discovery, they’ve seen the character go through of number of curious costumes. But the reception of the Black + White + Red redesign may be something readers are ready to see become a permanent change.,It’s been a tough road for Harley, admittedly, trying to find her place in the DC Universe. For years, a cycle of abuse and obsession kept Harley Quinn trapped with the Joker and never allowed her the chance to find her own identity. But Harley’s made some real strides in the past several years to the point where she’s even been courted to be a part of the Justice League. Harley isn’t perfect, but she’s shown a strong desire to be better and clearly has the chops to keep up with some of DC’s heavy hitters. An outfit like the one taking the internet by storm is a fantastic way to show how far the character has come while also showing that Harley Quinn has entered a heroic chapter of her life.,Next: Harley Quinn Cosplay Shows How Far She’s Come from Her Villain Origin,Source: Jen Bartel