Watch: Kim So Jung And iKON’s Chanwoo Become Unlikely Housemates In Upcoming Horror Rom-Com

The upcoming horror rom-com starring Kim So Jung (Sowon) and iKON’s Chanwoo has unveiled a new trailer!

“Chilling Co-Habitation” (literal title) is a horror romantic comedy about Jung Se Ri (Kim So Jung), who can see ghosts, and Song Ji Chan (Chanwoo), a ghost who’s lost his memory, as they end up living together.

The trailer begins with a voiceover from Jung Se Ri as she shares, “It was from that day on, that I started seeing ghosts too.” Song Ji Chan comments, “There are so many ghosts around me. At night, even scarier ghosts appear so I can’t sleep.”

Song Ji Chan is later faced with the harsh reality of his death as he calls out, “So you’re saying I’m dead? What kind of garbage is that?” Jung Se Ri calmly responds, “Ghosts typically don’t know that they’re dead. So they try to achieve the things they longed for and keep appearing in the same places.”

Somehow, the two find themselves in an unwanted and suspicious co-habitation situation. Jung Se Ri asks, “What are you? How can you follow me all the way here?” Song Ji Chan innocently replies, “I’m not trying to do anything but you’re the only person I can talk to.”

Despite their rough start, the two start to grow closer. However, their bliss is temporary as they’re suddenly faced with shocking and unpredictable dangers. Check out the full trailer below!

“Chilling Co-Habitation” is a cine-rama, which means it will be produced as both a film and drama. The film will hit theaters in July while the drama will premiere on OTT platforms this August.

Check out Chanwoo in “Boys Over Flowers” here:

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