Doomsday’s Ultra-Powerful Claws Make Wolverine’s Look Pointless

One of the deadliest heroes in the entire Marvel Universe is undoubtedly Wolverine, and his razor sharp adamantium-coated claws are a big reason as to why that sentiment rings true, though his iconic weapons are nothing compared to those of DC’s Doomsday, whose ultra-powerful claws make Wolverine’s look pointless.,James “Logan” Howlett aka Wolverine is a mutant with the powers of heightened animalistic senses, a powerful healing factor, and bone claws that extend from his fists. As an adult, Logan was captured by the Weapon X Program–an organization that experimented on mutants–and was made even deadlier than he already was after the program grafted the nearly indestructible metal, adamantium, to Wolverine’s entire skeleton. While his bone claws were deadly, his new adamantium claws were far deadlier as they granted him the power to cut through anything and anyone.,Related: DC’s Best Healing Factor Proves Wolverine Is Strictly C-List,In the DC Comics miniseries Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding, Superman travels to a planet known as Calaton as Doomsday was there causing absolute mayhem in his wake. Superman has had a troublesome history with Doomsday as the immensely strong monster was nearly successful in killing Superman and incapacitated him to the point where Superman was believed to be dead for some time. In this storyline, Doomsday has become even stronger after undergoing a monstrous evolution. Part of this evolution was a set of claws extending from Doomsday’s fists, ones that were able to pierce the skin of not just Superman, but also Darkseid–two of the most unstoppable beings in the DC Universe.,Not only could Doomsday’s claws cut Superman and Darkseid, but they also had a number of other abilities as well. Doomsday could also fire his claws from his body, using them to skewer and then reel in his enemies. Plus, Doomsday’s claws were also coated with a toxin that was powerful enough to even impact Superman despite the fact that Superman’s only known weakness is exposure to Kryptonite while under the light of a yellow sun. Wolverine’s claws are nearly unbreakable and can slice through almost anything, but they are not strong enough to cut Superman, let alone Darkseid, they cannot be fired from and then reeled back into his body, and they don’t contain an immensely powerful toxin strong enough to hurt beings that are basically gods.,Wolverine’s claws are strong and have proven to be enough to strike fear into the hearts of nearly everyone the mutant hero has ever faced, but they are nothing compared to those wielded by Doomsday as they lack the power to bring cosmically powerful beings to their knees–proving that Doomsday’s ultra-powerful claws make Wolverine’s claws look pointless.,Next: Flash Confirms the Humiliating Way He’d Defeat Wolverine