Jacky Lai Interview – Eraser: Reborn

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1996 hit Eraser gets a contemporary re-imaging with its new reboot Eraser: Reborn. Now out on home media and digital platforms, Eraser: Reborn adapts the original’s basic concept of hiding a person’s existence from the world as part of the Witness Protection Program with some modern updates. For the film, Eraser: Reborn‘s leads Dominic Sherwood and Jacky Lai also underwent significant training and preparation for the movie’s action sequences.,In Eraser: Reborn, Rina Kimura (Lai) is placed under witness protection by the movie’s titular “Eraser”, Mason Pollard of the U.S. Marshalls. However, they both soon find themselves on the run from numerous pursuers. For action fans, Eraser: Reborn is a wild ride to definitely check out.,RELATED: Eraser And Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Movie Star Era,We speak to Jacky Lai on the making of Eraser: Reborn, training for the movie’s stunts and action scenes, and her experience of making the film in Cape Town, South Africa., ,Screen Rant: How did you become involved with Eraser: Reborn?,When was Eraser: Reborn made in relation to the pandemic?,What can you share about the preparation and stunt rehearsal for Eraser: Reborn?,What were some stand-out moments from you in making Eraser: Reborn on location in Cape Town, South Africa? ,With Eraser: Reborn coming 26 years after the original, a lot has changed in terms of technology and the capacity to ‘erase’ someone. Without spoiling anything, what can you share about how this movie might be different from the original Eraser in that respect?,After doing all of the training and prep for Eraser: Reborn, how was it different when you actually got on set doing the stunts and action scenes? ,Relating to that, what was your favorite scene or part of the movie do film?,What else do you have coming up after Eraser: Reborn?,Check out our interview with Eraser: Reborn star Dominic Sherwood as well.,NEXT: Why Terminator 2 Made Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 A Hero,Eraser: Reborn is out now on home media and digital platforms.