Who Plays The Predator In Prey

The trailer for
Predator 5, officially titled 
Prey, has just been released, and it features an all-new actor playing the titular Predator. The alien hunter is the series’ de-facto main character, acting as one of the only consistent presences throughout the franchise. Because of this, it is a big deal when the Predator’s performer changes – and 
Prey‘s actor is a newcomer to the film series.,The 
Predator franchise
 spans five main movies, along with various spin-off films, video games, and more. The original 
Predator follows a group of soldiers who, while trapped in the jungles of Central America, must fight off a dangerous alien whose only goal is to kill humans. The original 
Predator was incredibly successful, spawning other films that often follow a very similar premise: a group of fighters stuck in the wilderness must fend off the Predator. Like its predecessors, 
Prey will follow a tribe of indigenous warriors in the Great Plains who must fight off the Predator, adding a more historical twist to the franchise’s usual story.,Related: Why The Prey Trailer Hides The Predator,Due to the amount of heavy prosthetics and lack of speech required, actors are typically chosen to play the Predator based on their physicality rather than purely on their acting skills. Many actors, voice artists, and stunt performers have portrayed the Predator throughout the years, with the original Predator being played by Kevin Peter Hall in 1987. Now, in 
Prey, Dane DiLiegro will play the Predator, and he is sure to give an excellent performance as the franchise’s alien warrior.,While Dane DiLiegro has had roles in shows such as 
American Horror Story, he got his start playing basketball. After playing four years for the New Hampshire Wildcats in college, DiLiegro spent the next eight years playing for top teams in both Israel and Italy. DiLiegro is 6’9″ and weighs 245 lbs, giving him the perfect build to play massive characters such as the Predator. Once he decided to pursue acting, DiLiegro found success reasonably quickly, landing roles as Side Hustle in 
The Walking Dead, Muscle Monster in 
Sweet Home, and Ba’al and the Scare Patrol in 
American Horror Story. While this is not the full extent of Dane DiLiegro’s filmography, his time as the Predator in 
Prey will be one of his highest-profile roles yet.,Dane DiLiegro is also famous for another hobby besides acting and basketball: cooking. When living in Italy, he studies under a famous butcher, igniting his passion for the culinary arts. DiLiegro now also runs a 
YouTube channel where he makes videos on various foods and the delicacy adventures he goes on. Although he will be best known for playing the Predator in 
Prey to date, Dane DiLiegro has already enjoyed a multi-faceted career.,Next: Everything We Learned From The Prey Trailer