Shonen Jump’s Best R-Rated Manga Finally Makes Its Explicit Return

It’s no secret that Shonen Jump has been trying out more adult content and the best example of these R-Rated experiments just made its return with Chainsaw Man’s second part. More than just thoughtless gore or gratuitous sex appeal, Chainsaw Man incorporates its explicit elements into its central themes and messages.,First being published by Shonen Jump in 2019, Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto instantly caught the attention of readers the world over. Following a young man named Denji who can transform into the eponymous Chainsaw Man, the series earned acclaim for its wild art, visceral gore, and intriguing plot. These elements all worked hand in hand to create a story that connected with readers and made the series a global sensation. Chainsaw Man is a series that can make a snowball fight tragic, so its unique energy felt refreshing to many manga fans. The series finally reached a conclusion in 2020 before pulling one last twist on readers; what they had read was actually just part one.,Related: Chainsaw Man Creator’s New Manga Is a Warning for Fans Before Part 2,Now, Chainsaw Man makes its triumphant return with chapter 98. Instead of following the previous part’s protagonist Denji, this new chapter focuses on establishing Chainsaw Man’s incredibly powerful new villain. The new chapter is filled with all of the series’ usual blood, guts, and gut-busting humor while hinting at the second part’s direction. What’s so impressive about this part is that it could almost work as a standalone story much like Fujimoto’s previous one-shots. More so than any other series currently running in either Shonen Jump or Jump +, Chainsaw Man‘s return proves that explicit content has a place among the manga giant’s offerings.,Among Shonen Jump’s and Jump +’s raunchier offerings are other well-received manga such as DandadanGhost Reaper Girl, and Make the Exorcist Fall in Love (which is like an explicit version of Blue Exorcist). All of these manga have their strengths and weaknesses and all should be read by any curious reader. As good as they are though, these manga don’t have the maturity of Chainsaw Man. While the series is frequently goofy and over the top, it still deals with very real issues in a way that shonen manga very rarely does. Though Denji shares many traits in common with other shonen heroes, his vulnerability feels real in a way that is rare to see in any medium. The series’ extreme violence isn’t just for shock value, it reflects a society (and characters) dominated by their fear.,It’s no understatement to say that Chainsaw Man lives up to the hype surrounding it. While there are more than a few R-Rated manga being published through Shonen Jump or Jump+, few have the same thematic depth and cohesion of Chainsaw Man.,Next: One Shonen Jump Manga is the R-Rated Naruto Deconstruction Fans Need,Chainsaw Man’s 98th chapter is now available on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app!