Everything We Learned From The Prey Trailer

There are many new details, reveals, and nods to prior films in the trailer for
Prey, the latest entry in the
Predator franchise. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg (
10 Cloverfield Lane),
Prey stars Amber Midthunder as Naru, a Comanche hunter who must face the Predator when it arrives on her land in 1719.
Prey is the first prequel film in the franchise, taking place 268 years before the events of the first film,
Predator, which is set in 1987 in the jungles of South America.,In addition to Midthunder, the film stars a cast made up almost entirely of Indigenous American and First Nation’s talent, including Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, and Julian Black Antelope. The new trailer for
Prey features several callbacks to previous films in the series, most notably the first film, including its rural setting, cat-and-mouse chase dynamics, and the theme of a lone warrior squaring off against the alien threat. The last film in the franchise,
The Predator, took place in modern times, predominantly in urban areas, making
Prey something of a return to type for the series.,Related: Predator Movie Timeline: What Year Prey Is Set In,There’s a number of thematic
Predator beats in the new trailer for
Prey which make for an interesting new chapter in the franchise. While plenty of action and viscera has been displayed in the
Predator franchise before, it’s never been done in this historical setting, giving
Prey a unique arena with a new protagonist to push the popular series into new territory. Here’s everything we learned from the new trailer for
Prey trailer reveals that Naru, a young Comanche woman, wants to be a hunter like her male counterparts but is seemingly forbidden, likely due to the societal constraints of the tribe. Naru is described as having grown up ”
in the shadow” of the best hunters in her tribe, learning the trade by way of watching and practicing on her own, which is sure to come in handy when she has to face off against the threat of a Predator.,At one point in the
Prey trailer, the sky is seen behaving strangely as the clouds move ominously with what appears to be lightning underneath. However, a Predator ship entering the atmosphere could very well be what Naru sees in the sky, which she takes as a sign that she’s ready to be a hunter. This reveal serves as a symbolic connection, with the arrival of the ultimate hunter becoming the signal to Naru that she’s also prepared to become just that.,The opening of the
Prey trailer sees Naru hunting a brown bear on her own, likely without permission, as she seems to be forbidden from hunting by her tribe. Naru takes a shot at the bear with her bow, hitting the beast, which then gives chase into the water. She takes refuge in a beaver dam, but the bear continues to attack, almost breaking through the dam before it suddenly drops dead. The Predator is then seen pulling the beast from the dam and holding it above its head, roaring in victory. Later in the trailer, the Predator is seen in the trees, holding its spear while facing off with what appears to be a mountain lion, showing that
Prey will have the alien hunter facing off with more than just humans in this outing.,Related: Why The Prey Trailer Hides The Predator,Toward the middle of the
Prey trailer, the male Comanche warriors are seen gathered in their village where they are informed
“it’s time,” to which they rally cry and set off for what appears to be a big hunt. It’s unclear if this is for the Predator or something else, but it appears that they are on the path of seeing out the alien creature with Naru in tow. Naru warns the men about what they’re facing, but it sounds like they are reluctant to listen to her. Throughout the trailer, the Comanche are seen fighting the Predator, but it’s unlikely that many (if any) will survive, setting up Naru as the last warrior standing to face off against him.,It appears that a group of trappers stumble upon the creature at one point in the
Prey trailer, showing that the Predator will not only face indigenous peoples and animal adversaries but also other humans in the region. Early in the trailer, Naru is seen entering a field littered with hide-stripped bodies, which is undoubtedly the work of the trappers. This sets them up as easy fodder for the Predator, who will surely look at their version of trophy hunting to be somewhat dishonorable. However it plays out, the trappers will face the Predator, as shown in the trailer, and will likely all meet their end at the creatures hands (and weaponry).,Naru is seen trapped in a puddle of mud later in the
Prey trailer, using her rope-tied tomahawk to escape, which is a clever nod to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch in the first
Predator film. At one point in
Predator, Dutch discovers that the alien hunter can’t see him when he’s covered in mud, a trick that Naru will no doubt discover once she escapes from the mud pit. It’s likely that Naru will continue to use the mud throughout the film once the discovery is made, creating a connection to the original movie.,At various places throughout the
Prey trailer the glowing green blood of the Predator can be seen. Firstly, it’s featured in the new poster for the film, which depicts Naru covered in the Predator’s blood, using it as warpaint on her face. In the
Prey trailer, the blood is seen in various places; on a nearby tree, on the Predator itself (showing that it will be injured at some point), and later on, on Naru’s body, potentially again as warpaint. Whatever the case, the predator will bleed in
Prey, which means it can be killed.,Related: Prey Pays Off The Original Predator Movie’s Demon Tease,There are a number of interesting things revealed about the actual Predator in the
Prey trailer, chief among them being the Predator’s look and weaponry. Tactically, the Predator is using its invisible camouflage, as well as the trees, as a vantage point and hiding spot. It also has a spear, a traditional weapon used by the species, and at one point, the three-dot laser sight is seen, denoting the use of its shoulder laser (although no laser shots are seen in the trailer). In addition, the Predator has the traditional double-blade gauntlet and appears to have some type of helmet adorned with what appears to be an animal skull, possibly from the bear it kills. Lastly, the Predator shows off a retractable shield, a first for the franchise to date.,Naru is seen throughout the
Prey trailer practicing with her tomahawk and moving through the woods expertly. She says at one point that she
“knows how to survive,” although she’s been training her whole life to hunt as well. Naru appears to be setting up some kind of trap at one point, and the end of the trailer has her yelling at the Predator as it comes after her, possibly to lure it in. This is a common thread in the
Predator film franchise, which frequently harkens back to the hunting/trapping/surviving aspects of the franchise, as outlined in the original movie and replicated ever since. Naru, in turn, will likely follow in those same footsteps.,Judging solely from the
Prey trailer, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that Naru will be the sole survivor of the hunting party (and perhaps her entire tribe). The setup in the trailer shows a group of Comanche setting off on the hunt, likely for the Predator, while Naru follows. By the end, it appears that Naru is the last one standing to square off against the beast, which again is a common narrative beat in the
Predator movie franchise – as it makes for a more compelling showdown. It will undoubtedly be the final test for Naru as a hunter, who will likely emerge victorious against the Predator and earn her place as a hunter in the tribe.,Next: How Studio Meddling Accidentally Made Predator More Realistic,Prey will be available to stream August 5, 2022, as a Hulu Original.