Julie Chen Addresses Racism Controversy In Big Brother Season 24

Julie Chen opened up about racism in season 24 of Big Brother. Julie has been hosting Big Brother since it premiered in 2000. She is also a former news anchor and television personality. However, viewers know Julie to be a serious host and have given her the nickname, Chenbot. While there are conflicting views on her impact on Big Brother, fans know the show would not be the same without her. The years spent on the show can indicate that she is aware of what goes on behind the scenes as well as the controversy within the show. ,Recently, season 24 of Big Brother has received a great deal of backlash due to the poor treatment of Taylor Hale. Fans believe that contestants were mistreating Taylor as there have been several microaggressions that fans have picked up on. Taylor was not able to make good connections in the show as people were quick to judge her. Taylor was seen as aggressive and selfish by her fellow cast members and fans were not happy about it. Fans have argued there is a bias in how cast members are treated on set. As contestants nominate each other for elimination, fans feel that people of color do not have a fair chance due to biased treatment.,Related: Big Brother: Everything to Know About Host Julie Chen Moonves,According to E! News, Julie commented on the racism that occurred on season 24 of Big Brother. Julie comments on the relevance of microaggressions by arguing that they are real and frequently experienced by people of color. She says that she doesn’t believe that most people are aware that their actions are influenced by bias. Julie argues that contestants are under a great deal of pressure on set and may project their own insecurities onto others. She wants fans to realize that the intention is not to make anyone feel upset; however, contestants become unaware of the consequences of their actions. Julie encouraged fans to have compassion for others as it can be difficult to acknowledge biased thoughts. ,Julie also commented on her own experiences with racism in the workforce. She revealed that racism was problematic when she was first trying to enter the media industry. Julie says she was not able to work as a news anchor as her supervisor believed it would be a poor choice as many people in the community did not look like her. It was believed that people would not be able to relate to an individual they do not resemble physically. Julie wants viewers to know that there is more than physical appearance that allows people to be connected. ,While Julie does not want people to be treated poorly, fans feel that her approach to the topic is not allowing people to be held accountable for their actions. Many fans do not want to support the show due to the network’s poor treatment of people of color. Nonetheless, it is important that people are educated on microaggressions and biases that prevent people from being treated fairly in order to create a safe environment. It is clear that Big Brother will be losing many fans due to the lack of equitable treatment on the show. ,Next: Big Brother: Which Players Julie Chen Wants To See Compete Again,Source: E! News