Grey’s Anatomy’s Happy Ending Curse Won’t Spare Anybody

Warning: SPOILERS for Grey’s Anatomy season 18, episode 18 ahead.,While some couples fare better than others, Grey’s Anatomy season 18 proved once again that a few new couples won’t have their happily ever after on the show. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Winston (Anthony Hill) are one of the rare couples to have been dreamy since the beginning, despite it being long-distance in parts of Grey’s Anatomy season 16 and season 17. Still, the prolonged visit to Seattle by Winston’s brother, Wendell (Rome Flynn), seemed to threaten the couple’s bliss.,Unlike her relationship with her sisters, which was stable, supportive, and longstanding for years, Maggie’s romantic relationships were never particularly successful. After a brief stint with intern Andrew DeLuca and a relationship with Jackson Avery, which brought up their many differences and ended painfully in Grey’s Anatomy season 16’s premiere, Maggie finally found happiness with Winston. While the difficulties they had to face were plenty, they always seemed eager to make it work, no matter what they had to face.,Related: Grey’s Anatomy Has Made Grey Sloan Meredith’s Prison,Grey’s Anatomy season 18 marked the first time Winston and Maggie lived in the same place for a long time while being together and without an ongoing crisis happening, as in season 17 with the Covid pandemic, and yet they felt as distant as ever, despite the fact they’ve never been as physically close. Wendell’s arrival suddenly disrupted their routine and seemingly effortless marriage, transforming his tendency to always keep a communication channel open with Maggie into a closed-off person. Despite the fact that no relationship ever had it easy in Grey’s Anatomy, season 18 repeatedly proved how the show doesn’t let its characters have their happy ending onscreen. Yet offscreen, after they leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, they often have a chance of rekindling their romance, as implied when Jackson left and April followed him.,Wendell’s charming attitude and his poor choices might have made him the perfect villain in Winston’s eyes, especially considering their history, but it was the way Winston changed in Wendell’s presence that threatened his relationship with Maggie. Wendell’s effect on Winston threatened his marriage enough that Maggie twice admitted she didn’t recognize him anymore. His brother’s proximity led Winston to become closed-off, uncommunicative, and outright out of line, as his behavior toward Maggie’s lying patient proved. While Winston’s change in character might be justified by his backstory with Wendell, especially considering Wendell either abandoned Winston in difficult times or made Winston pay the consequences of his own actions, Grey’s Anatomy proved again it hates true love.,Grey’s Anatomy season 18 is exemplary in proving its characters cannot have their happily ever after onscreen, no matter what they went through, precisely because of Maggie and Winston’s relationship’s unique position. Their history of dating long-distance first and organizing a swift wedding during a pandemic later never threatened to destroy their relationship, but finally living in the same city and working at Grey Sloan Memorial did. How Maggie and Winston’s story developed through Grey’s Anatomy season 18 is the strongest proof to date that the medical drama does not want its characters in happy relationships.,Next: Grey’s Anatomy Just Heavily Teased Season 19 Will Be The End,New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy release every Thursday on ABC.