Wolverine Hellfire Gala Art Highlights Mistake The MCU Can’t Make

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men’s Hellfire Gala by Marvel Comics,In a great new cover starring Wolverine and Jean Grey for X-Men’s upcoming Hellfire Gala event from Nick Dragotta and Rico Renzi, Marvel Comics highlights something great about Logan that the MCU can’t ignore: His height. In the image, Wolverine dances with his greatest love, Jean Grey, as their height difference is notable. Considering how Wolverine’s short stature has been ignored in past live-action X-Men movies, the variant cover shows exactly what the MCU needs to do.,Wolverine’s height has long been an integral part of the character’s persona, as, despite his 5’3″ stature, Logan has proven that he doesn’t need to be tall to inflict serious damage to whoever he faces. The longtime X-Men has never let his height stop him, making his on-again, off-again relationship with Jean Grey, who towers over Wolverine in the comics, much greater. However, while Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men movies is iconic, seeing a comic-accurate, short version of the hero, as opposed to the 6’3″ Jackman, would be a welcome sight when the character joins the MCU eventually – where they can avoid the same mistake.,Related: Galactus’ Most Terrifying Form Has a Power Too Disturbing for the MCU,In new comic cover art for Marvel’s upcoming Hellfire Gala #1 by Marvel Comics by Nick Dragotta and Rico Renzi, Wolverine and Jean Grey dance at the high-fashion affair. Jean Grey wears her amazing costume designed by Jen Bartel as Wolverine opts to wear a tux with his claws unsheathed. The image is particularly great because of how it highlights Logan and Jean’s height difference, as the telepathic hero doesn’t see the taboo, even making herself taller by wearing a pair of heels.,It might seem like a small detail, but the height difference seen in the Hellfire Gala cover art is one of the best details about Wolverine and Jean Grey’s relationship throughout their adventures with the X-Men. Logan is a short king and doesn’t let his perceived shortcomings when it comes to his height rattle him. Instead, he embraces it, as his confidence has helped him gain the affection of Jean Grey.,Hopefully, the X-Men’s 2022 Hellfire Gala further showcases Wolverine and Jean Grey on the dance floor, because honestly, it’s adorable. Their height difference is a small part of what makes the pairing such a fun couple. Hopefully, when the MCU decides to cast Wolverine and Jean Grey in the live-action X-Men film, they keep Logan at his usual height in the comics and longtime fans finally get a comic-accurate take on the hero. Not making Wolverine short would be a mistake. Readers can pick up Dragotta and Renzi’s Wolverine-starring variant cover when X-Men Hellfire Gala #1 from Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on July 13th.,Next: Thor and Luke Cage Saved Deadpool By The Grossest Way Imaginable