Schoolgirl’s revision notes sell for estimated NT$10.5 million in Taiwan

A seller on an e-commerce platform in Taipei, Taiwan has gone viral after she made an estimated NT$10.5 million (US$358,200) from color photocopies of a schoolgirl’s handwritten revision notes.,The listing on Shopee, now marked as sold out, had the title, “Taipei First Girls High School — notes for Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students — all subjects (color photocopy), 2019 revision.” The price for the latest version of the notes, printed in two books, was NT$2,600; with a total of 2,653 copies sold, the seller made as much as NT$6,897,800 from the item.,The listing went viral after Facebook user Hung Ching-hsien shared a screenshot to a group. “You have to give it to Taipei First Girls High School students for having great business ideas,” he wrote, calling the student a “business prodigy.”,Taiwan News confirmed with the seller, “Cindy91005,” that the notes were indeed made by a student at Taipei First Girls High School, one of Taiwan’s most academically prestigious high schools. The student declined an interview as she wishes to remain low profile and prevent her life and studies from being affected by unwanted attention.,According to the listing, the notes had 422 pages and covered all subject areas taught in junior high schools, including Chinese, English, mathematics, history, geography, civics, physics and chemistry, as well as biology and Earth science as free add-ons. The item garnered a rating of 4.9 out of five stars from 1,401 buyers, and many praised its detail, clear organization, clean layout, good penmanship, and fast delivery.,Aside from selling the compiled notes, the same seller’s online store also featured notes in individual subjects, with prices between NT$200 and NT$600 each, depending on the subject. The seller sold a combined 11,217 copies of all items, and at the time of publication, every item has been sold out except for civics notes.,The estimated sales of the individual subject notes adds another NT$3,603,080 to the seller’s income from selling notes, bringing the total to over NT$10.5 million. (Courtesy of Taiwan News),