Mike Myers’ Comments Are Great News For Shrek 5 – But Will It Happen?

Shrek voice actor Mike Myers recently divulged an interest in returning to the series, but will Shrek 5 actually happen? Puss In Boots: The Last Wish is the most recent upcoming chapter in the franchise and will center around the character of Puss In Boots. There has not been a direct Shrek sequel since Shrek: Forever After’s release in 2010, but that film left the story off in a place where another sequel could very well be realistic.,Each of the four Shrek movies focuses on the titular character of the same name, voiced by Mike Myers, embarking on adventurous missions which spotlight the subversion of the classic fairy tale formula. These movies are part of the highest-grossing franchise DreamWorks owns and have inspired video games, spin-offs, and even an amusement park ride called Shrek 4-D in Universal Studios. The last film, Shrek: Forever After, follows Shrek after he signs a life-altering contract made by Rumpelstiltskin that causes him never to have been born. A journey through a much graver alternate universe helps him come to terms with the compromises he must make to endure fatherhood. In a recent interview with GQ, Mike Myers admits he would love to return to the franchise to voice Shrek in more sequels and that he’d be thrilled if he “had to do one Shrek a year.” As far back as 2004, following the success of Shrek 2, producer Jeffrey Katzenberg revealed a Shrek 5 movie had been part of an original outline. There have been various rumors about its legitimate development since 2016, but no confirmation on a release date.,Related: How Shrek Sabotaged Mulan 2 For Disney,With Antonio Banderas returning as Puss in Boots this year alongside Mike Myers’ openness to return to the Shrek franchise, the outlook for Shrek 5 appears good. However, despite Mike Myers’ enthusiasm about the notion of returning to his role, there may be no need to bring the character back. Shrek: Forever After teaches the character and audience a valuable lesson about the difference one individual can make in the world. Shrek learns the value of his family, his home, and most importantly himself. Shrek 5 faces a dilemma similar to Toy Story 4 where its predecessor executed a finale perfect enough that the series should be wary about a sequel, but taking a chance may prove a strong choice, especially since there was originally a plan for a fifth film. With Toy Story 4’s success and ability to subvert expectations, a property as successful and innovative as the Shrek franchise could certainly release a sequel worthy of its previous installments. There is room for new characters to evolve such as Shrek’s triplets, Farkle, Fergus, and Felicia, who could be around twelve years older if the film decides against resuming its story directly following Shrek: Forever After.,In 2018, Variety reported that Shrek 5 will likely be a reboot and a complete reinvention of the property. Seeing as there have been few legitimate updates over the past few years, this may not be set in stone. A reboot could ruffle the feathers of fans who are expecting a sequel to the chronological narrative Shrek delivered over a decade ago. Furthermore, while Eddie Murphy has also shown interest in the progression of Shrek similarly to Mike Myers, it is unlikely Cameron Diaz will return as Fiona, Shrek’s wife, since she retired from acting in 2014. Fiona’s absence could be a dealbreaker for most, and may explain why the development for Shrek 5 has been radio silent. This said, taking a bold risk such as releasing a Shrek movie  that reinvents the franchise may alternatively prove beneficial because Fiona likely wouldn’t be able to return for another chronological film. With the success of Puss In Boots films and the narrative potential for teenage drama sparking between Shrek’s children, DreamWorks should definitely go forward with production for Shrek 5. ,Excitement for a new Shrek sequel has stirred thanks to Mike Myers’ optimistic comments about his willingness to make more, despite there being no release date or updates on the production of Shrek 5. Though Shrek: Forever After gave the series a satisfying and succinct conclusion, hit series like Toy Story prove additional sequels won’t necessarily destroy its reputation. Myers’ eagerness to return indicates the possibility Shrek 5 is right around the corner and may happen.,Next: Why Puss In Boots 2 Looks So Different To Shrek