DA assures sufficient supply of locally produced potatoes

Despite the global shortage of chipping potatoes used to make French fries, the Department of Agriculture (DA) assured that the country has more than sufficient supply of locally produced potatoes.,“Our local potatoes, which unfortunately are not the variety used to make French fries, are very sufficient. We have a surplus of supply,” Agriculture Undersecretary Kristine Evangelista told a radio interview.,Evangelista, however, did not disclose the amount of potato surplus to date.,The potato variety produced by local farmers, also known as table potato, has a different texture and consistency compared to the chipping potato variety.,Although local fast-food chains can tap the local supply market. Evangelista noted that global franchisors have to comply in terms of the variety of potatoes used to make their French fries.,Evangelista asserted that the agriculture department is in talks with local restaurants to encourage them to get their potato supply locally.,“Local restaurants don’t have to comply with the requirements of international fast-food chains so we are discussing with groups like RestoPH for partnership,” she said.,Evangelista previously confirmed that there is an ongoing global shortage of chipping potatoes due to logistics challenges and lower yield production of such a variety.,The shortfall prompted fast-food chains to limit the portions of French fries sold at their stores., ,