What Happened To Kittridge Between Mission: Impossible 1 & M:I7?

Eugene Kittridge was the Director of the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) in the first 
Mission: Impossible
 movie, but he’s been absent from the franchise ever since, leaving viewers anticipating his return in 
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning to wonder what happened to the character. 
The Mission: Impossible movies began as standalone adventure stories without much connection between each installment, so characters not being back for the sequels was normal. As the series has continued, however, the worldbuilding and the returning cast have grown with each entry, and now with the final two Mission: Impossible installments, any living character from the franchise could be expected to make an appearance. ,Played by Henry Czerny, Kittridge was last seen in the 1996’s 
Mission: Impossible wrongfully accusing Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) of being an IMF mole. Ethan and his team have encountered many traitors amongst the IMF, including Sean Ambrose in
Mission: Impossible 2 and Musgrave in
Mission: Impossible III
, which gives weight to Kittridge’s suspicions regarding his agents. It’s safe to say that following the first 
Mission: Impossible‘s ending, Kittridge left the agency, since
Mission: Impossible III sees Theodore Brasssel (Lawrence Fishburne) as the head of the independent espionage agency. Later, CIA director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) took over as IMF director at the end of
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and then returned for 
Mission: Impossible – Fallout, in which was killed off. Life in the espionage profession is a dangerous one, so Kittridge still standing by the seventh installment of 
Mission: Impossible shows his resilience and cunning.,Related: Why Mission: Impossible III Has The Franchise’s Lowest Box Office,Alan Hunley’s death in the previous movie opens a spot for the IMF director position, so Kittridge’s return in 
Mission: Impossible 7 makes sense. Whether he is going to be an antagonist is yet to be seen, though re-appearing at the end of the franchise seems to indicate that he has been present in the background since the beginning. In the
Mission Impossible 7 trailer, Kittridge tells Ethan, ”
Your days of fighting for the so-called greater good are over.” In an interview with
/Film, Czerny also stated that Kittridge has been watching Ethan over the last 25 years, adding that Ethan is like fire and ”
f you let fire do what it wants, you’re in trouble.” After their run-in during the events of the original 
Mission: Impossible, according to Czerny, ”
Ethan schooling Kittridge on who the mole really was, and catching the mole, was the springboard to 25 years of Kittridge going through different agencies so he wouldn’t be schooled again.” This means in 
Mission: Impossible 7, Kittridge will be coming back more cunning than ever.,Kittridge was a company man in
Mission: Impossible who seemed to only see in black and white. Whether he has been turned or not doesn’t matter if his views have been warped by so much time across several espionage agencies. In the
Mission: Impossible 7 trailer, Kittridge also tells Ethan he needs to ”
Pick a side,” which hints toward Kittridge looking to recruit Ethan to his cause.  After watching Ethan for so long, he would understandably want him as an ally rather than an enemy. Kittridge was devious in his first appearance, setting Ethan up with a second IMF team. Kittridge’s new knowledge could be manipulated by any of the various terrorist cells seen throughout the
Mission: Impossible franchise during his absence.,It seems likely that given Kittridge’s accumulated knowledge of Ethan Hunt and the wider world of espionage that if he fell in with the wrong people, he’d have the ability to be a formidable foe, especially to Ethan. While it’s unlikely Kittridge will be the main villain of
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, he is likely serving as an informant. In the trailer, he is trying to remove Ethan from the board. Including Kittridge in the sequel adds an enemy who has known Ethan longer than most while also tying up a few more loose ends in the
Mission: Impossible franchise before its final chapter, 
Mission: Impossible 8.,Next: Would Mission: Impossible Still Be A Success If Jeremy Renner Had Taken Over?