The Batman Concept Art Reveals Catwoman’s Alternate Night Club Outfits

The Batman concept art reveals several alternate outfits considered for Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle when she’s working as a nightclub waitress at the Iceberg Lounge. Though never explicitly referred to as Catwoman, Kravitz stars in Matt Reeves’ comic book movie as a waitress and cat burglar named Selina Kyle. Alongside Robert Pattinson as an exceptionally angsty Bruce Wayne, Selina makes up one half of the film’s beloved “Bat and the Cat” duo.,With an inventive script penned by Reeves and his co-writer Peter Craig,
The Batman‘s principal focus is the psychological chess match between a detective-oriented Batman and Paul Dano’s Riddler, an enigmatic serial killer who targets Gotham City’s corrupt politicians and taunts the GCPD with ciphers and riddles à la the Zodiac killer. Early on in the film, Batman’s investigation of the Riddler’s murders leads him to the Iceberg Lounge, a nightclub operated by Carmine Falcone’s lieutenant known as the Penguin. While meeting with him about a woman named Annika Koslov, Batman notices that her roommate, Selina, works at the club as a waitress. Once Annika disappears, this mutual interest marks the beginning of their partnership.,Related: The Batman’s Catwoman Detail Finally Explains Gotham’s Biggest Mystery,Now, concept art for
The Batman reveals some alternate outfits Selina could have worn as a waitress at the Iceberg Lounge. Several months after
The Batman‘s theatrical realease, concept artist Adam Brockbank took to Instagram to share two looks at Selina’s alternate clubwear, which were designed by Oscar winner Jacqueline Duran. Check out the concept art below:,Click here to see the original post.,Click here to see the original post.,These are two of several pieces of concept art from
The Batman that Brockbank has shared on social media since the film’s release this past March. Past looks have revealed the Penguin’s original design which included a mustard-yellow suit and virtually no facial prosthetics. Early concept art for the Riddler has also shown how the primary villain’s design was originally different, including an alternate logo that adorned his costume. Now, the newest concept art showcases the alternate costumes Kravitz could have sported as Selina Kyle.,Like many of the characters in
The Batman, Catwoman adopts a more minimalist design with a fabric mask reminiscent of her appearance in the comics. Selina’s nightclub outfits are in the same vein, though it would be easy to imagine her sporting either one of these looks revealed in the concept art. However, the corset top with exposed midriff and thin choker would have certainly been a bolder choice. Still, Selina sports plenty of memorable looks in 
The Batman, which is streaming now on HBO Max.,Next: The Batman Finally Gets Batman & Catwoman’s Relationship Right,Source: Adam Brockbank/Instagram