Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Star Reveals Tarantino’s #1 Goal On Set

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Austin Butler reveals Quentin Tarantino’s #1 goal on his movie sets. After delivering a blood-soaked Western with
The Hateful Eight, Tarantino set his sights on 1960s Hollywood for his next film, using
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to tell the intertwining stories of failing actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), his stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), and real-life movie star Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). The film was a hit with audiences and critics and earned over $374 million at the box office.,Butler plays Tate’s real-life murderer, Tex Watson, in the film, although things turn out much differently for Charles Manson’s followers in Tarantino’s version of events. After being introduced in a standout sequence at Spahn Ranch, Tex and his companions set out to murder Tate, but are all brutally dispatched by Booth when they invade Dalton’s house instead. Butler’s next big role following his dark turn in
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is another period piece, this time seeing the actor take on the role of the King himself in Baz Luhrmann’s
Elvis.,Related: Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Proves He’s Perfect For Rambo,In a new interview with
GQ ahead of the release of
Elvis, Butler reflects on his time shooting
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and reveals Tarantino’s heartwarming goal on his movie sets. The actor tells the story of a particular night shoot where Tarantino called a crepe truck to set for the cast and crew. Check out Butler’s full comment below:,Tarantino is not only renowned for his filmmaking prowess and creative eye but is also famously enthusiastic and positive about the art of making movies. During the filming of
Pulp Fiction‘s iconic diner dance sequence, for example, behind-the-scenes photos and videos show Tarantino dancing along with John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Butler’s story affirms that, while always committed to making a powerful film, Tarantino also immensely cares about the experience of the cast and crew, something that translates to the screen.,Tarantino has long maintained that he plans on making only ten feature films before he retires and, with
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood marking his ninth (if counting 
Kill Bill Vol. 1 and
Kill Bill Vol. 2 as one movie), it’s possible that audiences will only get one more movie from the filmmaker. While it’s curious that someone so passionate and enthusiastic about making films would want to stop at such an interesting phase of their career, Butler’s story suggests that the cast and crew of Tarantino’s supposedly final movie are certainly in for a treat. Although the subject matter of Tarantino’s movies can often be brutal, there’s always a sense of fun to them, which matches the environment the filmmaker curates on set.,More: What Is The Tarantino Effect? How He Changed Hollywood Movies,Source: GQ