James Gunn Shows Off His Weasel Acting In The Suicide Squad BTS Image

James Gunn shares a hilarious behind-the-scenes photo from
The Suicide Squad that shows the director demonstrating his Weasel acting skills. With a number of beloved blockbusters under his belt, Gunn has established himself as a household name across both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now the DC Extended Universe. Having previously directed Marvel’s
Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol. 1 &
2, Gunn recently wrapped on his third and final installment, in which the Guardians of the Galaxy enjoy one last hurrah as a gang before the director shifts his focus onto a number of DCEU projects.,In the midst of his Marvel projects, Gunn’s highly anticipated
The Suicide Squad, a quasi-reboot to David Ayer’s 2016
Suicide Squad, was released last year. The film opened to rave reviews from both critics and fans alike, with immediate calls for Gunn to return for a follow-up, although a sequel has not yet been confirmed. Several members of Ayer’s original cast returned in Gunn’s movie, including Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, and Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag. The new film also introduced a handful of unique and colorful characters including John Cena’s Peacemaker, David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man, and Weasel, played by Gunn’s brother, Sean.,Related: What James Gunn’s Plans For The Suicide Squad’s Weasel Could Be,Now, taking to Twitter, Gunn has shared a fun behind-the-scenes photo from
The Suicide Squad‘s production, featuring both himself and his brother. The image shows Gunn, standing on the back of a heavily armored truck, while Sean can be seen looking up at him from below in his full mo-cap suit for Weasel, with an in-scene guard standing by for the shot. Gunn appears to be screeching into the air, with the caption of the image confirming that the director was demonstrating how Weasel should screech, for his brother to then replicate for his character. Check out Gunn’s tweet below.,Click here to view Gunn’s post on Twitter.,Sean Gunn has appeared in a number of his brother’s projects over the years, both with the help of motion capture and without. The actor has appeared in both
Guardians of the Galaxy movies so far as the Ravager Kraglin and performed the physical movement for Rocket, with Rocket’s voice provided by Bradley Cooper. Sean’s character Weasel was initially believed to be one of the many hilarious and bizarre casualties of
The Suicide Squad‘s opening credits; however, the film’s final moments hinted at a potential future for the character as it was revealed Weasel had, in fact, survived.,As frequent collaborators, this BTS photo of the two Gunns offers an interesting and hilarious insight into the pair’s creative process, with a number of Gunn’s followers even pointing out the photo’s potential as a future meme format. Gunn has teased other spin-off projects for
The Suicide Squad following the success of the film’s first spin-off series 
Peacemaker, which explored more of Cena’s anti-hero. With several secret projects currently lined up, many will likely be hoping that another appearance from Weasel isn’t too far away.,Next: How Weasel Is Alive,Source: James Gunn