Colin Cantwell, Star Wars Artist Who Designed Death Star, Dies at 90

Colin Cantwell, the concept artist who designed iconic
Star Wars vehicles such as the X-Wing and Death Star, has passed away at the age of 90. Cantwell began working with George Lucas on the production of
Star War after receiving a second draft of the script. The concept artist created drawings and models of the ships that formed the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire’s fleets.,Even almost 45 years since it debuted in theatres on May 25th, 1977,
Star Wars remains an influential piece of pop culture, with Lucas’ tale of an eternal struggle between light and dark continuing to resonate and grow to this day, expanding beyond film into the realm of television. However, beyond Lucas’s storytelling, audiences were also entranced by the film’s visions of space travel and dogfighting, communicated through Cantwell’s distinctive and easily recognizable designs. Born in 1932, Cantwell is responsible for designing many of the film’s spacecraft, from the Rebel Alliance’s X-Wing and Y-Wing starfighters, the Galactic Empire’s TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, and the infamous planet-killing Death Star, to even civilian craft like the T-16 Skyhopper that Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) can be seen playing with a model of.,Related: What Star Wars’ X-Wings & Star Destroyers Originally Looked Like (In 1975),As first reported by journalist Clayton Sandell, Cantwell sadly passed away on Saturday, May 21st, 2022 at the age of 90 years old. The concept artist is reported to have passed at his home in Colorado, following a long battle with dementia. Sierra Dall, Cantwell’s longtime partner, later informed
Newsy of the artist’s death.,Click here to view original post,Despite not working on later films, Cantwell’s work continued to influence the franchise, with one of his concept designs being featured in a deleted scene from 
Solo: A Star Wars Story. Named after the designer himself, the Cantwell-Class Arrestor Cruiser can be seen in a sequence that would have depicted the younger Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) disobeying orders during his time as an Imperial cadet, leading to a tribunal and his reassignment to Mimban. Cantwell’s design was originally intended to be an Imperial carrier craft whose radar dishes would be powerful weapons capable of destroying enemy cruisers, but was discarded in favor of Cantwell’s final Star Destroyer design. However, the artist’s concept of the weaponized radar dishes would later be reused for the Death Star.,Cantwell’s work on the
Star Wars franchise can not be understated, as his work set the design principles of the franchise that continue to be upheld to this day through new designs introduced in series like
The Mandalorian. Cantwell’s designs not only worked perfectly with Lucas’ real-world influences by applying and kitbashing various real-world fighter-plane aesthetics to
Star Wars‘ spacecraft, but were created so that audiences could easily recognize which faction they belonged to. As Cantwell’s designs, techniques and principles continue to shape
Star Wars going forward, the artist will be remembered fondly by fans for the key part he played in help crafting a galaxy far far away.,Next: Star Wars Explains Mandalorian’s New Original Trilogy TIE Fighter Design,Source: @Clayton_Sandell