Anthony Hopkins Contemplates Life In Zero Contact [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant is excited to premiere an exclusive clip from the upcoming high-concept film 
Zero Contact, which will be released in theaters as well as through digital and on demand May 27. The tech thriller stars Anthony Hopkins (who has captured the hearts and minds of thriller fans everywhere since
The Silence of the Lambs) as Finley Hart, the eccentric genius behind a global data-mining program.,Zero Contact seeks to reimagine the current state of our isolated world reliant on virtual interactions. The intricate plot kicks off as Hart’s death leads to five remote agents — including Finley’s son — being contacted by a mysterious A.I. entity in order to reactivate an “initiative” that is meant to enable time travel. With each of the agents experiencing sinister events at their homes, they must decide whether entering the appropriate passwords will save the world or ultimately destroy it.,RELATED: 10 Best Anthony Hopkins Horror Movie Moments,In 
Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip, Hopkins’ Finley contemplates the axiom that “life is strange.” In his opinion, coincidences do not occur as often as society expects, but rather cause and effect rule life itself and binds history together. Despite this, the world today remains isolated and humans feel far apart from another. As Finley’s voiceover discusses philosophers and mathematicians, he calmly plays the piano and graces the audience with a chilling smile as if invited them to join him on this strange adventure that is life. Check out the clip from 
Zero Contact below:,(Watch the video on YouTube.),Alongside Hopkins’ anchoring presence,
Zero Contact also stars Aleks Paunovic (
Snowpiercer), Adrian Holmes (
Bel-Air), Lilly Krug (
Shattered), Chris Brochu (
The Vampire Diaries) and much more. The film marks the directorial debut of Rick Dugdale, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Cam Cannon (
Deadlock).,One interesting and impressive aspect of Lionsgate’s
Zero Contact is how it makes use of the pandemic restrictions under which it was filmed during 2020. The cast and crew where based in 17 separate countries throughout the world, much like the characters in the film itself, and connected online in order to piece the film together. The physical isolation certainly contributes to the tech thriller’s themes, and further enhances the spiritual isolation that not only the characters but also audiences feel.,Produced by  Enderby Entertainment,
Zero Contact was acquired in the US by Lionsgate’s Grindstone Entertainment. Two sequels were recently announced to be in the works, with the original scripted feature already making history as the first to ever film in Antarctica. Fans of thrillers and Anthony Hopkins should be sure to check out the film on whatever platform suits them best to experience the strange and fascinating journey.,NEXT: Why Anthony Hopkins Passed On Playing Bond In Live & Let Die,Zero Contact arrives in Theaters May 27, and will be simultaneously available through digital and on demand.