Apink’s Yoon Bomi And Chorong To Debut As Group’s 1st Unit In July

Apink’s Yoon Bomi and Chorong will be forming the group’s first-ever unit!

On June 13, IST Entertainment officially announced that the two Apink members were gearing up to release an album as a new unit in July.

“As this is Apink’s first unit album release, they are giving the preparations their all in order to greet fans with new charms and high-quality music,” stated the agency, “so please look forward to it.”

Playing off their names, Yoon Bomi and Chorong’s new unit will be called “ChoBom” (which means “early spring” in Korean).

Are you excited to see what Yoon Bomi and Chorong have in store for their unit debut?

In the meantime, watch Yoon Bomi on “Witches 2” with English subtitles here…

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…or check out Chorong and Kim Min Kyu’s drama “Special Laws of Romance” below!

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