Thunderbolts Fan Poster Assembles The MCU’s Greatest Anti-Heroes

A new
Thunderbolts fan poster is assembling some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular antiheroes following the confirmation of the upcoming film project. The team, mostly made up of reformed supervillains, first appeared in a 1997 issue of
The Incredible Hulk and were presented through various storylines as either secret evildoers or hopeful heroes. Created by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley, the original members of the Thunderbolts emerged as counterparts to the Avengers. While Hawkeye currently leads the team, made up of some recent MCU figures like Monica Rambeau’s Spectrum and America Chavez, more well-known members in past iterations include Baron Zemo, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, and the Winter Soldier.,Fans of both the comics and the MCU have been anticipating the arrival of the Thunderbolts for some time now, but this week, a live-action film adaptation was confirmed to be in development at Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige will serve as executive producer, with Jake Schreier, whose credits include movies like
Robot & Frank and
Paper Towns, set to direct.
Thor: Ragnarok and
Black Widow writer Eric Pearson has been attached to the script. With filming reportedly beginning next year, past MCU antiheroes are expected to return, and people are already picking their rosters.,Related: Is Thunderbolts Replacing Avengers 5 As The MCU’s Next Crossover Movie?,Now, one fan, with the username has created a poster for the
Thunderbolts movie that features a handful of the MCU’s most popular villainous characters. Shared on their Instagram, the poster incorporates
The Incredible Hulk‘s Abomination,
Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s Ghost,
Black Widow‘s Yelena Belova and Taskmaster, and
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s U.S. Agent, Baron Zemo, and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Check out the image below:,Click To View Original Post,Many of the characters shown in the poster have been fueling rumors of a
Thunderbolts project since their introductions to the MCU. Yelena and Valentina in particular have been on the minds of many who have wondered when they will make another appearance, especially given the status of stars Florence Pugh and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Eric Pearson’s reaction to the announcement of the film has also led to fan theories, with his quote, ”
Guess we can finally talk about it!” adding to the idea that such characters were intended to appear in other projects.,The news of a
Thunderbolts movie is exciting, but it already has some drawing comparisons to DC’s
Suicide Squad films. It will be interesting to see who the MCU decides to add to this group of powerful figures and if anyone from this poster makes the cut. Ultimately, fans will have to wait to find out and can look forward to any other
Thunderbolts news as it continues to trickle out.,More: Can MCU’s Thunderbolts Movie Even Work Without Thunderbolt Ross?,Source: