The Batman: Get An Up Close Look At Catwoman & Bruce Wayne In 3D Experience

There is now a way to experience
The Batman
’s Catwoman and Bruce Wayne in 3D. Matt Reeves’ The Batman stars Robert Pattinson
 as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Reaching a nearly three-hour runtime,
The Batman
is distinct from other recent DC adaptations such as the Christian Bale-led
Dark Knight
trilogy. For one, Pattinson is one of the youngest actors to inhabit Bruce Wayne, and the film is consequently set early on in Wayne’s Batman career. Pattinson’s Batman also received no origin story, and had less of a typical gruff “bat voice,” as was used in both the Bale and Ben Affleck Batman films. ,With Pattinson’s new version of Bruce Wayne for 
The Batman also came a new rendition of the famous Batsuit. The suit was designed by Glyn Dillon and David Crossman. While the suit is still armored and designed in the signature black, it is less bulky than previous Batman garb. Pattinson’s suit in
The Batman is instead more dynamic and flexible, apparently making it easier to fight in than other Batsuits. Kravitz’s Catwoman costume is sleek and aerodynamic as well, even as it is meant to convey that Selina isn’t quite the rogue comics fans are familiar with.,Related: The Batman’s Style Repeats Nolan’s Villain Problem For The Sequels,In a cool online project, Yahoo Entertainment
has created a way for viewers to get an up-close, 3-D look at both the Batsuit and the Catsuit from The Batman. The platform’s new augmented reality experience allows users to study the dynamic duo in their unique new suits, all while getting some cool behind the scenes facts about the making of each costume. Viewers can twist and turn their way around each suit, thus getting a detailed look at every aspect. ,While viewers might not be able to fully fight in
The Batman
 augmented reality, this is the closest they can get to imagining putting on the Batsuit and the Catsuit for themselves. Dillon and Crossman’s work, as well as that of Jacqueline Durran (who designed Kravitz’s Catsuit), has become a highlight of The Batman, which was praised for offering an updated take on an oft-adapted character. As seen through the augmented reality experience, both the Batsuit and the Catsuit have incredible details woven into their designs, and it is incredible to see them come to life.,It has been a couple months since
The Batman 
 left theaters, but the creation of this new virtual reality experience might re-hype viewers up for Pattinson’s Batman. A sequel for The Batman
has already been announced, again starring Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. Little else has been confirmed about the sequel, including whether or not Selina will reappear. Nonetheless, with new designers on the case for the Batsuit and other Bat-gadgets, The Batman 2 will be sure to reinvigorate fans. In the meantime, they can check out the Batsuit themselves in this epic virtual reality experience. ,More: The Batman: Joker Makes Riddler’s Genius Flaw His Best Sequel Weapon,Source: Yahoo Entertainment