Russell Crowe’s Thor: Love & Thunder Role Is Like Gladiator But Sillier

Russell Crowe’s Zeus role in
Thor: Love & Thunder is like
Gladiator but sillier according to his co-stars. Crowe became a movie superstar thanks to his performance as Roman general-turned-gladiator Maximus in Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning 2000 epic. Now an older Crowe is finally joining the MCU, playing Zeus in Taika Waititi’s newest
Thor sequel.,While Zeus may be Crowe’s first MCU role, the actor is of course no stranger to comic book movies, having played Jor-El in the DC films
Man of Steel and
Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Crowe was also supposed to become part of another movie universe after his appearance as Dr. Jekyll in
The Mummy, but alas the Dark Universe famously fell apart. But even with his participation in such modern-day blockbusters as these, Crowe is still best-known for strapping on Roman armor and taking down Joaquin Phoenix’s Emperor Commodus in the massive hit
Gladiator.,Related: Thor: Love And Thunder Will Feature The MCU’s Third LGBTQ+ Romance,Crowe’s Oscar-certified acting prowess is of course not in doubt. But while the
Gladiator star may be known for being incredibly serious on-screen, he apparently has no problem cutting loose when the occasion calls for it. Indeed, both Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth made note of Crowe’s willingness to be silly for the cameras on
Thor: Love & Thunder. ”
It was so much fun to see Russell Crowe play Zeus and have such a great sense of humor with the character,” Portman said in an interview with Disney (via
The Direct). She added, “
It was fun to see him be silly. I think we’re so used to him in these very strong, heroic roles, so it was fun to see him be able to let loose.” Hemsworth concurred, telling Disney:,Indeed Crowe’s filmography is not exactly packed with movies that could be characterized as light-hearted. There is however a sprinkling of fun stuff in there, including the 2016 buddy-cop movie
The Nice Guys. Crowe is also set to make another comic book movie appearance, playing Nikolai Kravinov in the Sony Spider-Man universe film
Kraven the Hunter.,Crowe’s performance as Zeus in
Thor: Love & Thunder indeed stands out in his resume as a notably loose and self-deprecating role. And to hear Portman and Hemsworth tell it, it seems Crowe really threw himself into playing Zeus, giving director Waititi as much wackiness as he needed. Fans have of course already gotten a small taste of that wackiness thanks to a fun trailer moment where Zeus uses his magic to undress Thor in front of a whole giant arena full of people. It will no doubt be fun to see what other hijinks Crowe gets up to as Zeus when
Thor: Love & Thunder brings the unabashedly madcap side of the MCU to theaters.,More: Why Thor Looks So Different In Thor: Love & Thunder (And Isn’t Fat),Source: Disney (via The Direct)