How Much Money Will Tom Cruise Make For Top Gun: Maverick?

Top Gun: Maverick a huge success at the box office, star Tom Cruise understandably looks to earn a sizable amount of money. While not without his share of controversy over the years, Cruise has proven to be one of the most consistently popular and bankable stars in Hollywood for well over 30 years. Cruise first made his mark on pop culture in the 1980s, and while he scored several hits prior, it was arguably 1986’s
Top Gun that really cemented him as a leading man.,Since
Top Gun first felt the need for speed, Cruise has become producer and star of the enormous
Mission: Impossible franchise, worked with iconic director Steven Spielberg on multiple occasions, and even shown a more comedic side playing Les Grossman in
Tropic Thunder. Cruise by no means needed to return to the
Top Gun well to revive a flagging career, yet still took the time to play major roles both in front of and behind the camera on the high-flying sequel.,Related: Top Gun 2’s Ending Plane Has A Deeper Tom Cruise Link Than You Realize,As the title touts,
Top Gun: Maverick sees Cruise reprise the role of naval aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, an incredibly skilled but highly volatile fighter pilot. Despite sporting a massive budget of $170 million,
Top Gun 2 is already a runaway smash, earning over $600 million worldwide in only a few weeks. As he’s done in the past, Cruise bet big on the sequel’s success, opting to take a smaller than normal upfront fee of $13 million in hopes of earning big bucks via the overall
Top Gun 2 box office take. He’s entitled to about 10% of Paramount’s first-dollar gross, a figure that usually encompasses roughly half the box office total. That means Cruise has already likely earned around an additional $30 million, netting him a cool $43 million so far. However, with
Top Gun: Maverick still raking in cash, Cruise’s final earnings could be considerably greater.,So far,
Top Gun: Maverick is showing unusually strong legs at the box office, dropping very small amounts week to week.
Top Gun 2 is already seen as likely to earn $900 million worldwide before leaving theaters, with reaching the $1 billion mark also in play. If that happens, Cruise would end up earning a whopping $50 million for starring and doing his own stunts in
Top Gun: Maverick on top of his $13 million salary, netting him an impressive $63 million for one blockbuster movie.,It is worth noting that this 10% of the first-dollar gross setup is not unique to
Top Gun: Maverick, and is actually the standard deal for Cruise when leading a film. Considering how many of his movies bring in hundreds of millions at the box office, it is clear that Cruise’s strategy of accepting smaller upfront payments in exchange for a percentage of the gross is a winning one. It does also mean that Cruise comes up short financially on his rare bombs, such as 2017’s
The Mummy, but even then, he’s still already been paid at least $10 million, so he is hardly suffering too much.,More: Top Gun 2’s Box Office Success Proves Avatar 2’s Biggest Concerns Wrong,Want more Top Gun: Maverick articles? Check out our essential content below…