Hontiveros, Pimentel start forming minority bloc

Reelectionist Senator Risa Hontiveros on Thursday, 26 May admitted ongoing talks with Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III in forming the next minority bloc in the upcoming 19th Congress.,Hontiveros, the lone opposition candidate who managed to be included in the so-called “Magic 12” in this year’s Senatorial Elections, said the conversation is only limited to the two of them.,“We’re the only two who have talked yet, at least to strengthen our direction towards forming the minority bloc,” she said in a television interview.,Aside from Hontiveros and Pimentel, no other senators both from the current set of senators and incoming senators have openly expressed their interest to join the minority bloc.,Earlier, Hontiveros reiterated the importance of having a “genuine” minority bloc in Congress to represent those who are against a certain policy in the legislature.,She also said that the minority bloc will serve as an “honest broker,” which will prevent the legislature from becoming one-sided.,Pimentel previously said that being part of the minority does not automatically mean opposing the majority, adding that the minority helps improve any legislation.,“Number one, are we following the Senate rules? Because there are rules. That’s our commonality. What is the objective way of determining whether what we are doing is correct or proper? Senate rules,” he said.,“Number two, we will look at the constitutionality of the proposal, and then number three, we will look at the wisdom. Is the Senate’s time better spent on this or are there other more important problems of the country that we should take a look at instead?,” Pimentel said. “The minority has been a partner in improving legislation. Not really opposing, but improving legislation.”