Hontiveros hopes Senate will adopt Pharmally panel report next week

Opposition Senator Risa Hontiveros is hoping that the Senate blue ribbon committee report on the administration’s alleged anomalous transactions with Pharmally will be adopted before the 18th Congress adjourns next week.,“I hope that it will be sponsored on the floor next week and we hope that the Senate will also adopt it,” she said in an interview with GMA’s “Unang Balita” Thursday morning.,The blue ribbon panel released a partial report last February which recommended plunder, graft, and other criminal and administrative charges against administration officials over alleged irregularities in multi-billion peso procurement of Covid-19 supplies from Pharmally.,The same report also stated that President Rodrigo Duterte betrayed the public’s trust by defending the purchases.,Committee chairperson Senator Richard Gordon, who lost his re-election bid, earlier said that eight senators signed the panel report.,The Senate requires the signatures of at least 11 of 20 members of the endorsing committee before a panel report can be submitted for plenary deliberation.,The 18th Congress is set to adjourn sine die on 3 June., ,Senate role,Hontiveros, the only lawmaker from the opposition who made it to the top 12 of the Senate election, vowed to remain firm in mounting investigations in the Upper Chamber even if a “supermajority” appears to shape the Legislature.,“The investigations in the Senate will remain a priority not just for me and the next blue ribbon committee, but also of the entire Senate,” she said.,“In the Senate’s more than 100 years of history, as an institution, it has been standing up to correct any anomalies or shortcomings of the government and our society,” Hontiveros said, citing the chamber’s investigation of the bribery scandal in the Bureau of Immigration and alleged crimes linked to the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations.,It remains to be seen who among the 24 senators will join the Senate’s minority bloc under the Marcos-Duterte administration, Hontiveros said.,In the interview, she stressed the importance of a “genuine” minority bloc in Congress that will be active in fulfilling its roles on checks and balances.,“Checks and balances are not just antagonisms, but an essential element of any government,” she said.,Hontiveros is currently in talks with Senator Koko Pimentel to build the minority bloc in the Senate, and she said that they are talking to other senators about the possibility of them joining the caucus.