BBM open to naming Rody as drug czar

Outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte can take part in the incoming administration and become a “drug czar”, president-elect Bongbong Marcos said on Thursday.,In a press briefing with select media, Marcos was asked about the possibility of the incumbent Chief Executive joining his government.,“If he wants to,” Marcos replied.,“I’m sure if he wants to play a part, he would tell me. I am certainly open to that.”,The president-in-waiting, however, clarified that he has not discussed it with the outgoing leader yet.,“We have not talked about it. But I am open to anyone who is able to help in the government. We have been friends, even when he was still the mayor a long time ago,” he said.,Marcos said Duterte asked him to continue his anti-narcotics campaign before the presidential elections took place.,“We talked about the things he wanted me to continue. That is the request that is so important to him. Still, of course, his priority is the anti-drug problem,” he disclosed.,“One thing he was assertive about was to pursue the anti-drug syndicate which he started. He said ‘Do it your own way’,” he added.,Marcos said Duterte wanted him to continue the anti-drug campaign to “save the youth”.,“Our youth will be miserable, their lives would be ruined, if you will discontinue it,” Marcos claimed, recalling his conversation with Duterte.