Museums in Kalinga, CDO, Biliran to rise soon

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law measures establishing cultural centers and museums in three areas.,Duterte inked on Tuesday, 24 May, Republic Act 11770, RA 11771, and RA 11772 to form the Kalinga Cultural Center and Museum, the Cagayan de Oro City Cultural Center, and Museum in Misamis Oriental, and the Biliran Cultural Center and Museum, respectively.,Copies of the measure were sent to the media on Wednesday afternoon.,Under the laws, the cultural centers and museums will serve as the “institutional medium” for the protection, preservation, presentation, and promotion of the cultural, artistic, archaeological, social, historical, religious, and philosophical heritage of the said areas.,Duterte said the facilities would enable Filipinos to view the richness of provincial heritage in their contemporary and future aspirations.,The amount necessary for the implementation of the laws will be charged against the current year’s budget of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, according to the measures.,Duterte said the amount needed for its continued implementation would be included in the annual General Appropriations Act.,He also said that the cultural center and museums should compile the musical notes and lyrics of Kalinga, Biliran, and Higaonon and other tribes’ ancestral songs, traditional songs and ballads, and modern and contemporary music compositions, and collect samples of musical instruments of local origin, design, and creation; and publish and disseminate literary works, epics, stories, and historical accounts.,These were also expected to acquire and display a varied range of arts and artifacts; compile literature, film, or audio-visual recordings of cultural performances in music, dances, oral literature, and festival celebrations; and gather and document religious practices and traditions, and the background and origin of fiestas and festivals.,Duterte also mandated the facilities to compile photographs of and showcase appropriate exhibits, landmarks, historical sites, and scenic views; gather specimens of archaeological findings, and collect major minerals; and conduct performances on local music, dances, arts, literary works, epics, stories, historical accounts, and legends.,The city government or provincial governments concerned should provide the land necessary for the construction or establishment, or both, of the main venue and ancillary offices and facilities of the cultural center and museum, the measures stated.,Within 60 days of the effectivity of the said laws, Duterte said the NCAA and provincial governments should promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to enforce the measures. — With a report from MJ BLANCAFLOR